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The Two Cherubim of Glory
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SHEKINAIH is a humble woman whom I have crushed, powdered, burned and purified in the fire seven times over the last twenty years. Her name “Shekinaih” is given by me as a sign to my people, and I will use her in the last days. Shekinaih is made up of the words “SHEKINAH, ADONAI and YAHWEH SABAOTH”.


WE, THE TRINITY (THE FATHER, THE HOLY SPIRIT and THE SON) appear to her in person to convey our decrees. She stands in our council and co-rule and reigns with us in the three realms. I am establishing her at the beginning of 2013 to represent our Seven Names in my last days’ ministry on Earth. She shall release my decree on Earth to the churches to which I will send her with Aaron K David. They are to proclaim my Acceptable Year and The Day of My Vengeance and to comfort all that mourn in spiritual Zion. 


She and Aaron K David are my End Times vessels. I will whisper to their ears and they will read my decree to warn the churches and to turn them to my way before it is too late. They are The Moses and The Elijah. 


Her family background is not important, but a spirit whom I have broken and made contrite, ready for my use, is pivotal in my consideration

AARON K. DAVID is my Elijah, my Enoch and my King David whom I have put their anointing on him. He will execute my decrees which I will release through Shekinaih. Together, they are my End Times pair representing my left and right hand, signifying my severity and mercy.


My churches are now entering into a new phase from the year 2013 onwards, the era of OUR Judgment. My grace period has come to an end. The severity of OUR End Times Judgment on the whole world has begun and judgment shall begin from my house.


Shekinaih is my eye; Aaron K David is my mouth. Shekinaih is my head; Aaron K David is my body. They are my wheel within the wheel. Together, they will deliver my letters to the Seven Churches as in the Book of Revelation.




The above garments are the Divine Robes given by THE TRINITY for Shekinaih and Aaron K David who are created and thereby chosen to represent them in decreeing and execution and co-execution of all their determination in the three realms, Heaven, Earth and Beneath Earth.

All the sons/daughters of THE TRINITY, after purifying themselves through denying themselves, picking up the cross and following Jesus' footsteps to suffer with Him, will also reign with Him eventually. They too, will be given the above look-a-like spiritual garments to reign and rule with Christ for a thousand years as THE TRINITY's ROYAL HOUSEHOLD as Kings and Priests.

Anyone or groups who wish to receive the Word of The Lord through them, can write to: for any ministry request, prayer request or any enquiries

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