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Zechariah's Testimony

When I was young, my dad, Aaron K. David, was at his prime and was doing very well in his career. 

He was very successful as a real estate agent and we owned a Mercedes Benz car, stayed in a private three-storey semi-detached bungalow, and even have our own private movie theatre at the attic.


Then one day, I witnessed how God called my dad back to seek Him and serve Him full-time. He gave up his career, and his worldly possessions – sold the house, car and committed all his time to seek God and serve him. After a while, the savings were depleted. Intially, my family and I could not understand and were worried about finances. My dad told us that God will provide. Indeed, over these 10 over years, God has shown His faithfulness and have provided for the household. We still have a house over our head, and God has miraculously provided for the family. We were never in lack. 


Some years later, God brought Shekinaih, another servant of God, to partner with my dad in the ministry. Through God's faithful servants, I saw how the church has grown in their understanding of God and how to walk in the truth. Many in the church were also blessed in many areas of their life.

Personally, through Shekinaih and Aaron K. David, God has guided me throughout my studies at my polytechnic, and university days. During my university days at SMU, I was also blessed with a degree scholarship. In 2017, I was also blessed with a post-graduate scholarship to pursue my masters. 

At church, God has brought me together with my wife and have blessed us with a lovely and healthy baby boy in early 2017. I am grateful for the blessings and have experienced God's lovingkindness and mercy to me and my family. 


I urge you to suspend judgment, open your mind, and come experience a personal encounter with God through this ministry that God has ordained. 

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