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Yunus Testimony

I joined Crowned Eagles Global in the year of 2012. Back then, I was a prideful & self willed individual who likes to do things her way. Over the years as a member of this church, I have matured & changed for the better. I went through many testing & trials & tribulations to be perfected so that I can be worthy to be one of the archangel that God has prophesised. I admit that I'm not perfect & I have my struggles as sometimes I do give in to temptations. However, in times when I slipped, The Trinity's representatives ( Shekinaih & Aaron K. David) would act as a disciplinary vessel to confront, discipline & comfort me so that I would be able to restore my blessings & to not deviate from my calling. The Trinity want us to trust and yield 100% percent (0 self will) to them and even the slightest doubt can hinder one's blessing as God sees the heart. However, in times when I perform well, God through his representatives rewards & shower me with blessing in the form of  love & comfort. I can feel the love of  the father flowing through them & I feel comforted & at peace, knowing that God is someone that I can actually rely on & can cry out to when I'm at the lowest point in my life.

God's representatives' endless intercession & advice helped me in many ways over the past years in different areas in my life, from my studies, to my work & also in my walk with him. Miracles did happened to me & is still happening. I'm writing this testimony as a way to share his glory & give thanks to him. All one needs is faith & grace for a miracle to happen, 0 percent doubt,  to give thanks on a daily basis & resisting temptations through constant prayers.

God had performed various miracles over the years. I will highlight some but not all of it  in my testimony as the list is long. The first miracle & second miracle happened during my University days. God overturned the situation for a Business module that I studied. Due to my carelessness, my group was given a F grade as I made a mistake by uploading the group project in the wrong folder on the submission portal. My lecturer confronted & reprimanded my group for committing such a silly mistake. He mentioned that the grade was final & that the Australian side of this University was in control of the grades & they are the only one who have the authority to alter the grade. Thus, the chances of my group retaking this module was fairly high at that moment. My group mates turned against me & they were hostile towards me as we had worked, invested & burnt midnight oil to complete this project. I was hurt & tears couldn't stop rolling down my cheeks as I humbled myself & apologized to my group mates.


I wrote in to the head of the business model from the Australian University & pleaded for leniency. The representatives spent nights intercessing & pleading to God on my behalf to overturn the situation for me. 2 weeks later, I received news that our grade had been altered. I was delighted when I found out that my group scored a distinction for that very module. God had indeed performed a miracle, however it is very important to remain faithful towards him & not to entertain any doubts during this crucial period.

Beside this, God through his representatives made it possible for me to complete my university studies when I had difficulty finding the money to pay for my last semester of my school fees. It was a large sum but God had moved & used Jose from Crowned Eagles Global after instructed by The Trinity in Shekinaih to loan me the money. The third miracle happened when I started a job that God had gifted me. Even though, the venue & job scope of my current job is not ideal as it is in the Lion's den of the Accuser & I'm constantly under attack on a daily basis, I am slowly appreciating & learning the purpose & reason behind this job which is serve as a training ground to mould me to be a person who would  be able to withstand the attacks from the enemy & to also prepare me for my future calling (Calling of a Jonah).


The most recent miracle that God had performed for me is when he used his representatives to  loan me a sum of money so that I could purchased a motorbike to serve as a transportation to work.


On a daily basis, I am still learning about the ways of God & the different criteria that he demands from his disciples. The walk with him is challenging & is a humbling process for everyone who choose to walk with him. I am looking forward to what God has planned for me in the future & would also like to end of this testimony by thanking God & his representatives once again for always comforting me & treating me like his/ their daughter.


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