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Sarah's Testimony

I was introduced to Crowned Eagles Global by a friend 3-4 years ago. The ministry leaders are Sister Shekinaih, Aaron K. David and Jose. What drew me to attend the meetings is the way the word is being expounded and preached by Aaron K. David. His story about his search for the true gospel opened my eyes to the lies and deception most Christians have been taught for centuries. The way he dug deep into the Scriptures; reading from the King James Version and many other ancient sources, scrutinizing every word intrigued me. It is so different from the way I am being taught in the mainstream churches where the sermons are the most 45 minutes long. Over here, the teaching can last for hours, it is not planned by humans but led by the Holy Spirit.


The truth that the Trinity have revealed through sister Shekinaih and Aaron K. David have changed my life and the way I view the world and my life on this earth. It has opened my eyes to understand spiritual things. I am clear of my purpose of being in this world and my duty on this Earth. 







Our leaders are 100% dedicated to the Trinity. They live to obey the orders of the Trinity and do the work that the Trinity has commanded them to. Our meetings usually stretch for hours and last throughout the night until the next morning. By the time we end in the morning, sister Shekinaih still stays on to pray for us individually. She is so dedicated that she does not leave until everyone has their questions answered by God and is being prayed for. Other than our meetings, everything that God has commanded her to do, she does so with 100% obedience, without question. If we have any problems, big or small, we can always WhatsApp her and she will answer us and pray for us.


In the beginning, when I first attended the ministry, I faced a lot of objections and persecutions from my parents. They could not understand why a church service lasted throughout the night. They were worried I was attending some cult service. But I stayed on because I was convinced by the doctrine that was being taught (rooted in the word of God). Today, by the grace of God, they have accepted the fact that God works in different ways.



It is also in this ministry that I met my husband, Zechariah, as God put us together in His time. I was searching for a life partner and would always ask sister Shekinaih about the guys I dated or went out with. If God revealed through her that this person was not the one for me, I would not carry on going out with him. When God put my husband and I together, we got married within 6 months. The wedding which took place (very last minute) was made possible by the long hours put in by sister Shekinaih and the rest of our church friends. Sister Shekinaih really put in a lot of effort to help us source for a wedding venue, planning and orchestrating a divinely inspired wedding ceremony, composing and singing a love song with Aaron K. David in our wedding dinner and being a M.C on behalf of the Trinity.


I am very touched by how God uses her to care for all of us in the church. She willingly dedicates 100% of all her time for God, to care for us, pray for us and solve all our problems. She can spend many hours and days praying just for one person. She is like an empty vessel being used by God for his purpose. Through her actions, I am convinced that the Trinity is the one that energizes her to do all things for them.




Whenever we have any kind of problems, we can go to the Trinity in Shekinaih. She will represent the Trinity to help us solve all our problems. Through her, we can feel and experience the Trinity on a very personal level.


Much is given, much is required. Since the Trinity has revealed so much to us in this ministry, the tests we need to go through are more. This is for our own good, so that we can be perfected quickly for God to use us. There are many challenges and tests God put us through here. Firstly, we have the overnight meetings where we are stretched physically by trying our level best to keep awake throughout the night. God also makes requests which seems illogical or incomprehensible to our carnal human mind through sister Shekiniah. I struggle with obeying, many a times, but I have learned that we need to submit to the Trinity in Shekinaih. God is not looking for someone who is intelligent or capable but an obedient child who will willingly follow and trust in Him. God’s ways are not our ways. Many a times we cannot see or understand why God wants us to do certain things but after we have passed the test of faith, God will reveal the reasons to us.


A.K. David’s story of how he gave up his riches and real estate business to seek God and the truth also intrigued me. He is not ashamed to share his weaknesses and struggles with us. He is 100% open and transparent to us so that we may learn from his struggles and whatever he goes through as we being his disciples, we will go through them sooner or later. I am very thankful for his truthfulness and willingness to be so open with us. It is through his sharing that I have learnt and grown much.


Jose is a living testimony of how the Trinity squeezed him financially and after he passed the tests, is blessed financially. His faith and willingness to contribute financially to the ministry in the early days when he was not earning much is amazing. Now that he has been tested and proved by God, he is being blessed financially every month. Other than being generous with God, he also shares his struggles with us, that we may learn from them too.



On a personal level, in my 20 over years as a Christian in mainstream churches, I have never experienced God on such an intimate level as in Crowned Eagles Global. God is very serious with us in Crowned Eagles Global; many people might be offended with what the Trinity preaches over here. But that is the way of God. Who are we to judge who God chooses to use? Who are we to decide what happens to us or our lives? God is the creator of all creatures, in heaven, earth and beneath earth. He created good and evil. He is the author and director of everyone’s life in the entire universe. We are just tiny beings created for his purpose.  


I have learned that God looks at the heart. He is searching for a broken and contrite heart to dwell in. So long as we are humble and acknowledge our weaknesses and our limitations, God will reveal Himself to us and help us. If you find that you are unable to accept what we share with you here, do not judge. Just leave it to God and in His time, He will reveal the truth to all mankind. To God be the glory forever and ever. Amen.





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