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Paul Testimony

Truly I am thankful to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who has called me unto a lively hope in Jesus Christ; who has enabled me, counting me faithful, putting me into the ministry.


Truly I have been the most undeserving child of God, most spoil and certainly one who is most ungrateful. But by the Elohim grace in The Trinity in Sister Shekinaih and Jesus in Aaron K David, I am what I am and shall not be ashamed.


Truly I owed where I am now to the Father’s love, care, concern and counsel for me through Sister Shekinaih who has carried me through since my day 1 of my walk with the Elohim and Aaron K David for his teachings, pruning, love, care and concern for me. Not that I am already perfected, but I have grown and improved tremendously from where I was previously.


I believe and am convicted that my Heavenly Father love His creations intensively, especially for those who are called. And I believe it is through this love that He sent help from heaven to guide them in the ways of God.


For me, Sister Shekinaih and Aaron K David guide me in the ways of The Trinity. They are my spiritual mentors and are leaders of Crowned Eagles Global.

I joined Crowned Eagles Global sometimes in 2012. Under the leadership and tender loving care of Sister Shekinaih and Aaron K David, I have grown a lot. From a wilful youth, I have become a more sober young adult. From a lukewarm Christian, I have become one who is earnestly seeking for the truth. I have seen my transformation through Sister Shekinaih and Aaron K David has done for me; and how I was set apart from my peers and those The Trinity put in my life.


All these are due to the constant prayers of cleansings and restorations and impartation of more grace, gifting, blessings and counsels from The Trinity in Sister Shekinaih and teachings from Jesus in Aaron K David. I am humbled through the grace from The Trinity in Sister Shekinaih who has been continuously being poured into my life that I may be endow in words, in wisdom and in deeds for the glory of The Trinity. And it is the same prayers and impartation from The Trinity in Sister Shekinaih that my work in the office has been rather effortless for me. In my right spiritual mind, it was easy for me to apprehend what was needed and to excel. It was also under the same guidance, prayers and impartation of Sister Shekinaih that I have the grace to be the upcoming top agent in my line of work that would propel me under the spotlight of my company and grant me favour in the eyes of my supervisor and clients.

Compared to the normal human being who are concern about the cares of life such as a happy family, a good job, their own career kingdom to build, I have become one who is concern of the spiritual things and how I can reach my destiny in The Elohim. Through the revelations from The Trinity in Shekinaih and the bible truth from Jesus in Aaron K David and my personal spiritual encounter with The Trinity, I know that I am a man of purpose, a man of destiny in Christ, to do the will of my heavenly Father and obtain the promised Kingdom which is to come.


Truly the things of this earth is unable to satisfy me though at times, due to the idols in my heart, I yield to them and struggle with them. But this is a learning perfection process I have to go through to learn to crucify them on the cross. It is now the spiritual things from The Elohim quickens me, intrigues me and sustains me, which is to the glory of The Trinity.

Sister Shekinaih and Aaron K David have spent much time and effort with me, especially Sister Shekinaih. Out of the many disciples in Crowned Eagles Global, I am the one whom she has spent the most time with, one who vexed her the most and one who caused her many sleepless nights. She has spent many tireless effort in prayers and in ministering to me, to set me free from the delusion, deception and lies of the enemy. Many times, I am too spoil to take her admonishment and many times, I took her for granted.



Aaron K David has been tender loving towards me, taking care of me, diligently feeding me the word of God, always apt to teach, share and expound the word of God to me whenever I enquire from him. He takes me and treats me as one of his own. In fact, better than his own. He too, spent far more time with me compared to the rest, even more with his own wife and children. Likewise, he also spent much time grieving over me. However, I am too blinded and spoil to take his admonishment seriously. I took him for granted.

I took my spiritual parents for granted, blinded by my own self will, pride, ego and more. All the works of the flesh.

Truly glory, thanks and praise to The Trinity, both the Trinity in Sister Shekinaih and Jesus in Aaron K David are ever forbearing and patient with me, always waiting for me to be turn back to them, like how the Father waiting for the prodigal son. I am indeed touched by the love of The Trinity for me.


The Trinity in Sister Shekinaih and Jesus in Aaron K David has done many great things for me.

They have carried me through the lowest point of my life when my mum passed on. It was through Sister Shekinah prayers that sustains me and see me through during this difficult moment of my life. Not only so, it was also Sister Shekinaih who orchestrated both in the spiritual and physical aspects and guided me through the whole funeral proceeding and The Elohim opened her eyes to see my deceased mum and she conveyed my mum’s last words during the funeral. Sister Shekinaih told me that during her prayer, she saw my mum in heaven, taken up by Jesus and I was comforted. It was of great comfort to me given that I have been whole hearted chasing after the Elohim despite the shame and reproaches He has put me through in my perfection journey.

Truly The Yahweh looks at the heart of those who come to him. I am a man not without weaknesses. In fact I am one with many struggles, many strongholds to be teared down. I have pride which give me a false sense of loftiness, a false sense of right to judge people or to think that I am better than this or that person. I have self-righteousness which cause me to want to fight for my rights and argue with people when it would have been wiser to hold my peace. And so many others which the Elohim from time to time allow to expose my heart through circumstances and situations. They are painful but humbling. I learn of man’s fragility and how much I need The Yahweh in my life. And I thank the Elohim for Sister Shekinaih and Aaron K David, whom have indeed spent much time and effort to guide me in this journey with The Yahweh to make it.


Despite my weaknesses, I am sincere and genuine in seeking the Elohim and desire to know him. I am willing to humble myself and go through the fiery trials He ordained for me though knowing that it may be painful, it is a necessary step one must undergo in order to enter the kingdom. I am willing to acknowledge my struggles and my weaknesses when being confronted and I will learn to boast in them. By His grace, The Yahweh Elohim preserve me and sent Sister Shekinaih and Aaron K David to me.


And the grace of my Lord Jesus was exceeding abundant with faith and love towards me. Sister Shekinaih never gives me up even though at times many around me have already given me up and I myself have also given myself up. But not Sister Shekianih. She is ever persistent and determine to reach out to me and recover me.



I have lost count of her many hours spent with me, ministering to me, untying the many knots in my heart which I have many doubts and questions but it was through Sister Shekinaih that I am better enlighten and better to move on in my walk with The Elohim. This is something I believe and convince no other churches would do for me but only Crowned Eagles Global through Sister Shekinaih and Aaron K David. Because I am simply too tough a nut to crack. It is only through the wisdom of The Elohim who is able to make my heart soft.


For me, somewhat, somehow in me, I know and am convinced and convicted and am certain that the spirit of the Yahweh rest in Crown Eagles Global, upon Sister Shekinaih and Aaron K David. I believe with all my heart The Yahweh has chosen Sister Shekinaih and Aaron K David to be His representatives and manifest themselves through them. And I believe in time to come, the spirit of the Yahweh in this place will increase in measure and Crowned Eagles Global in His perfect timing will indeed be glorious.

To those who are at this website and are reading my humble testimony, I thank you. But to those who are tough nut like me, seeking for answers for your life and searching for the one True Elohim, I believe you can start with here at Crowned Eagles Global. I assure you, The Trinity in Sister Shekinaih and Jesus in Aaron K David will not short change you if you are a sincere and whole hearted seeker.




Indeed, looking back, I am indeed blessed by Crowned Eagles Global and am indeed privileged to be sitting under the covering of Crowned Eagles Global. I am humbled by my frailty and awe by The Father’s love.


Through Christ, though The Trinity took home my mum, He gave me a new family in Christ which I have learned to cherish, treasure and protect and many more good things, blessings which I will take a long time to name them.

It is now my hope through The Trinity in Sister Shekinaih and Jesus in Aaron K David through the energizing grace that is working in me that I will be able to fight the good fight of faith and laid hold to eternal life, to see my heavenly Father again, to go back to where I truly belong and call to be. I am still not there yet in Christ but I believe through the grace being poured out to me by The Trinity, one day I will be there.

Thank you for taking time to read my testimony. May God bless you abundantly through the ministry of Crowned Eagles Global and may the grace of The Yahweh Jesus Christ be with you. To the Yahweh Elohim be the glory, honor, power and praise forever and ever. Amen.





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