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Jerene's Testimony

I am now a new member of CEG (Crowned Eagles Global) and have joined since mid of 2016. I used to attend Sunday school when I was a young child until I met my best friend, Kimberly from my secondary school 16 years ago. We used to lived near each other at Simon Place then, she was staying in a beautifully renovated 3 storey home her father designed, and I stayed on the next street at Simon road. We used to hang out almost every other day after school, we would cycle out to each other's place, study hard and play hard together. I've even fell out with my primary school clique I used to hang out with, we were almost inseparable, she is my bestest friend and I enjoyed every moment we spent together. 


Kimberly's family sold their place and shifted to Chuan Park shortly. I saw how things changes in her family, and her father - Aaron K. David who gave up on every material things they used to own - House/Income/Car. I was confused at first but I begin to understand when I was introduced to join in her father's ministry at home, that was where my journey with God begins. I felt close to God, seeking his love and comfort through Aaron K David's teachings. By God's grace, I was also given a spiritual gift of vision when I attended the ministry. My first vision appears in my dream, I dreamt that my classmate's lost wallet was being returned back to her, and immediately it really got returned back to her the next morning. 






Somehow, I stopped attending the weekly service when I got older as there were too many distractions in my life then - School, Work, friends, and love life. I got married in early 2015 to my long term beau of 13 years. Just when I got everything I've ever wanted and thought that I was at the prime of my life, things took a big turn on our first year of marriage.  


It was really hard for me to accept why things fall apart suddenly. It was an emotional turmoil and I felt very lost. I told no one, except for my best friend Kimberly on my situation. One evening, she invited me to her Father's ministry, and has arranged for me to get prayed for by Auntie Shekinaih who has an extraordinary gift to communicate and see visions from God. She represents the Trinity who convey God's decree. I knew I had to take the leap of faith to find out what was exactly happening to my life. I was desperate to seek for answers. Auntie Shekinaih prayed for me and revealed what kind of person my Husband truly is and drew me 2 graphs. My life path, and my path if I were to turn to God. I couldn't believe my ears as it was really hard for me to accept this fate. I wasn't convinced at all.  

However, time has a wonderful way of showing what really matters. Everything that was written that day slowly emerged to the truth. I was on the verge of breaking down, falling into depression when I discovered more. I knew I had to turn to God because there was no one else I could turn to anymore. I felt betrayed, broken and crushed and only God can help me break through.  


Through Auntie Shekinaih's prayers and guidance, I was able to find myself back again. It wasn't an easy journey at all to deal with emotions and hurt. I cried very hard when I was all alone, and often question God why this is happening to me, what I have done to deserve this torment.. I could not tell anyone else what was happening in my life as no one could help anyway. I knew I had to surrender as God is my script writer who has the last say in every event of my life. 


I thank God for Aaron K. David and Shekinaih, for I wouldn't be where I am now if not for them. I felt whole again with God's love and comfort, he is a loving father who is always there and will not abandon his children. 


I am currently still on the road of recovery, It is very rocky, but I know that this is a test of my faith. I look forward to a new chapter in 2017. I am learning to be stronger everyday, the past cannot be changed and it is okay to learn to let go and let God in.  Amen and Glory unto the Lord. 


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