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James Testimony

I joined Crowned Eagles Global (CEG) ministry in the year 2011 through my friend Abraham. Before joining CEG, I was a non-Christian who did not have much interest in God’s salvation and his calling. But God gave me the grace to know him by going through trainings in CEG. Under the guidance of leaders Shekinaih, Aaron K. David and Jose, God (The Yahweh) sharpened my character by exposing my weaknesses. I am grateful to these trainings because I have indeed grown from a carnal-minded child to a more spiritually-minded man for the past 6 years.


Being intimidated by negative circumstances has been one of my greatest weaknesses. I tend to lose my faith in God easily when things did not go well. Back to my university study, I would easily feel downcast when my results were unpromising. During the third semester, when I knew that my midterm results were below the average, doubts and discouragements filled my mind. However, through Shekinaih’s prayers and K. David’s teachings, my faith in God was restored. During that period, Shekinaih always prayed for overturning my study results. I also learnt in K.David’s teachings about the names of God, Eh Yeh and Adonai. Eh Yeh is in control of all our life events and God can overturn one’s negative circumstances by manifesting his name, the Adonai.

With their help, I was encouraged and learnt to maintain a stable faith in God. When I consistently trusted in God, God gave me the grace to study more effectively. Eventually, I did well in the final exams and managed to improve most subjects’ results from C to A. Till now, I am still in the progress of overcoming this weakness, which is my faith in God could be easily shaken in negative circumstances. But this experience always encouraged me as I have learnt that when I can have a consistent walk of faith in God, God through his name the Adonai will surely overcome my negative circumstances.


The training in CEG has instilled in me a sober mind. As one of the CEG members, I was entrusted by God to do household work such as sweeping the floor and cleaning the toilet. At first, I did not take these tasks seriously as they looked insignificant to me. Now, I have a new understanding of why God wanted me to do all these work. God wanted to hone my character of becoming totally obedient and submissive to him. So, in the future, he could use me to do more important work. Over the years, all the trainings have indeed made me more patient and humble. Besides, the words of Shekinaih and K. David have purified my minds. I was given the grace from God through them to eradicate all the vain and evil imaginations as well as the desire of enjoying the pleasures in the secular world.  

My greatest take away from this six years of training in CEG is I begin to truly treasure God’s calling, which is to be mature in Christ and become a member of God’s last day armies (the 144000). I used to be discouraged when I read from the bible that “we can only serve either God or mammon”. I used to long for success in the secular world by doing well in my studies, having a good job and become rich. For a period of time, I regarded study and career more important than God. God exposed this stronghold in my heart, which made me realize that I had the wrong focus. Under the guidance of Shekinaih and K. David, I understood the importance of the bible verse “For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” I was also encouraged by this verse greatly. Like the prodigal son in bible, I understood that fulfilling God’s calling should be my primary goal in life.


It is not only the benefits I received from CEG which keep me stay in CEG, but also the dedication of our leaders Shekinah, Aaron K. David, Jose and the rest of the CEG members. I have learnt the whole-heartedness and 100% submission to God in Shekinaih and K.David when they spent days and nights without sleep amending the book “Behold My Messenger 3 Behold My Names”, hoping that the book could be published according to God’s plan (so many people can read the book and be saved on time).





The third leader Jose also made an excellent example of crucifying his self-wills and submitting to God whole-heartedly by financially supporting the ministry without asking for returns. 

In addition, the environment in the CEG ministry is totally different from the secular churches. Every CEG member honours God by not grudging or evil speaking against each other. Also, because K.David made a good example, everyone is willing to share his or her shortcoming during sharing session as advice and admonitions to others. And, no one will laugh at others’ shortcomings, but was longsuffering enough to pray that God could perfect everyone over time. Most importantly, Shekinaih and K.David represented the true council of God, who have the true words from God. All these make me continue to stay in CEG and I strongly believe that I can fulfill my God’s calling in CEG.


To end this testimony, I would like to give thanks to Shekinaih and Aaron K.David. I appreciate their guidance and chastisements over these six years because they regarded me as a spiritual son, hoping that I could grow to become mature in Christ. Without them, I would continue to be a lost child in the world and have no opportunity to fulfill God’s calling.   

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