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Hezekiah's Testimony

The Lord had called me back in Year 2005 when I was yet lost in the world. I began to seek The Lord, going to local Christian meeting places and seminars. I started to go for Worship Service in various churches, but somehow I still could not find a resting place, a church that really suits me.


At that time, a friend of mine, Calvin Lim, told me that he had met Alex, whom I have not been in contact for years (I have known Alex during our study in the Singapore Polytechnic from the same class in the first year. He was even one of my business partners in the renovation contractor service which we set up together with another Friend. When our business failed, he went to do real estate business and was very successful, owning a car and detached house at Simon Place. He was never a religious person although he told me did attend church before). I was surprised when Calvin Lim told me that Alex is now a full-time pastor and he has changed his name to King David. He had arranged for us to meet up with King David in a Charismatic Meeting in YMCA at Steven Road. 




King David invited me to his house for Worship & Bible Study sessions. He move in the Spirit in his prophetic teachings without any prepared script, and he would refer us to the bible verses to support his point as he moves along. I am totally amused by his bible knowledge and his ability to remember the bible verses, as if the Holy Spirt is guiding him. Truly, the Spirit of The Lord is in him; which I have also witnessed in the Missionary trip that I go with him to Uganda in year 2008. Most of the time, when he sings and play with the guitar, the presence of God is felt as some of the Ugandans would show certain  kind of manifestation. There was a Ugandan lady of unsound mind, who was always furious, cursing and shouting aloud outside whenever they have their church service; was found quietly sitting on the floor in the very front listening to K. David's preaching. She accepted Jesus Christ that day. It is a miracle. That is what the Ugandans told us. There is also one Ugandan lady who testify of being cured of breast cancer. During our worship service when he sings and play with the guitar in K. David's home, tears would also roll down upon my cheeks. King David have the gift of Inquiry from The Lord and the interpretation of dream, which I have also witnessed personally in Uganda. Then, there is a period of quietness where I do not received call from him to come for bible study.

One day, King David called me up, and in delightful voice, he told me that The Lord have partnered him with a powerful 'seer' who can hear from God instantaneously and have the ability of 'open vision'. That 'seer' he did mentioned is Shekinaih.


Shekinaih is extraordinary and is much different from most 'seers'. She speaks with authority and she can also teach. In the early stage, I have doubts regarding Shekinaih, as her visions and teachings are more profound with indepth elaborations than the norms teaching of today Christianity. It is a complete doctrine of the last days church than the doctrine that I have known before and it is hard to swallow.

Nevertheless, The Trinity is still our main focus and Jesus is glorified. Most of the visions are interpreted by K. David in reference to the bible scriptures.


I scrutinise Shekinaih for a period and I found no reasons for her to fabricate the visions herself; she is not after any power or gains for all of us are poor and of no status. I even question myself whether the vision is from God?  Somehow or rather, the visions teaches us the way of being a Christ, and is for our goodness and edification, and it did glorify God.  

Moreover, her visions in the drawing is so profound and fantastic that I believe it must be from God. A picture speaks a thousand words (At times, when she draw her vision on the white board, I could understand its meaning, but to put all that into a picture, it is by no feat).


She is a simple lady, working tirelessly for God. Her love for God is shown by her ministering to us. She will always make sure that the everyone is pray for and ministering to, until to the last person, even unto the early morning hours. She would called for you even if you are not interest to be ministered, and she will want you to be pray for and be cleansed and blessed prophetically. This is Shekinaih, our good loving Sister.



Since joining Crowned Eagles Global, I have benefited and progressed spiritually from Shekinaih's visions and Aaron K. David's interpretation. I guess I will never learnt as much if I would have settled in a conventional church. The Father and Holy Spirit in Shekinaih will usually direct and command the topic to be teached by Aaron K. David representing Jesus.


It is not just teaching but training also. Sometimes, we have to go up one by one to present our works given by the Trinity in Shekinaih. As the years go by, The Trinity reveals more and more of His way and characters through His Seven Names. Having read through Behold My Messengers Book 3, all the jigsaw puzzles becomes clearer to me, about who Shekinaih and Aaron K. David is after the order of Melchizedek. I never stumbled when the book mentioned that they are the Golden Empress and Golden Emperor sitting in the Great White Throne, the Judgement Throne of THE ELOHIM, for they are supported by visions from THE FATHER in Shekinaih. If I truly believe that Shekinaih's vision is from THE ELOHIM, then I have no doubt that they are the two olive trees mentioned in the Book of Revelation and the Two Cherubim of Glory representing the Ark of Covenant.

Following the way of Jesus is never easy. It is not so rosy as many conventional Christians will think. It is a narrow path. It is always crucify the fresh daily, just like a silent sheep laid to the slaughter, like Jesus. I am very much straitened.. I have to struggle with my kidney failure, having to do dialysis trice in a week. Then, there are also other physical problems that are connect to the kidney failure. But, I cannot murmur, complain or confront THE ELOHIM, lest I be found wanting; just like the Israelite in the wilderness, for none of them entered the promised land. I cannot give up now, for I have been held captive by THE ELOHIM. Who then shall I turn to? Of course not the devil. I rather be perfected by THE ELOHIM through the Seven Offences of THE ADONAI;  and if I pass the tests HE puts me through, I will be approved by THE ELOHIM and thus produce the peaceable fruit of righteousness and be counted worthy of my calling. I have to live by faith and by the grace of THE ELOHIM who will strengthen me. For THE YAHWEH is my strength and is become my salvation. I have to believe that THE EHYEH have a good plan for me, a plan of peace and not of evil, to give me an expected end, my high calling. THE YAHWEH have reveal my calling through Shekinaih. Therefore, I must fight a good fight of faith.

Now, we are come to the end of age where the wrath of THE SHADDAI ( The Almighty), have began. How are we going to survive this period of time depends on our closeness to THE ELOHIM and our yieldedness by submitting to his will totally. For THE YAHWEH, the righteous judge said: "Judgement must begin at the house of THE ELOHIM" (1Pe 4:17). 


I encourage those who are called; will simply humble themselves as they read the Book 3 (up to the end of the pages) for edification and renewal of mind so that they will be part of the last day armies of THE YAHWEH SABAOTH (The Lord of Hosts). I hope that they will not be stumbled by reading the book halfway and began to judge the Two Representatives of THE TRINITY.


I wish all who are the called of THE ELOHIM can make it (of course that includes me also). The key is to read ALL and including the supporting bible scriptures.


May the peace and grace of Jesus Christ be upon me and you. To THE FATHER, THE YAHWEH be the Honour, Glory and Praise forever and ever.

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