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Abraham's Testimony

I’ve been in the CEG ministry for almost 7 years. Joining this ministry and meeting Shekinaih and Aaron K David was the most life transforming decision I’ve ever made.

I was a Christian since young, filled with longing for Christ and a thirst for truth. However, the church I attended was lukewarm and the pastor himself was confused too, guiding the sheep with the psychology of men. He dismissed the existence of an active spiritual world and tried to explain supernatural phenomena with theology. Even at the age of 10, I was dead bored by the it.

I know in my heart that the God I believe in is definitely much greater, much mightier, much wiser, much more merciful and personal than the God the church claimed to know and worshipped. I was lost and disillusioned, until my mother brought me to Shekinaih and Aaron K David.


I know in my heart that the God I believe in is definitely much greater, much mightier, much wiser, much more merciful and personal than the God the church claimed to know and worshipped. I was lost and disillusioned, until my mother brought me to Shekinaih and Aaron K David.

At the meeting of CEG, David expounded the mystery of the Kingdom as he led us word by word and verse by verse through the Bible. He never taught us anything in presumption; all his teachings were grounded in the word, so our faith and spirit were deeply rooted in the word and grew stronger by day. Every time he taught, my spirit quickened and I was always amazed at the mysteries and revelations he received in the spirit and how he was quick in understanding, linking the divine revelations from Shekinaih to the bible and interpreting the visions Shekinaih saw with wisdom like Joseph and Daniel.

What’s more is that Shekinaih and David not only taught the word, but have walked the walk of faith. Through their wholeheartedness and obedience toward the instructions of the Father revealed to Shekinaih, they have led the ministry in the spirit. Every action they took, every prophetic act they did, and every word they spoke in the spirit are moved by the Holy Spirit. I know this is true because of the fruits they bore.

Shekinaih is like a benevolent mother for the ministry, she is concerned with the well-being of every one of us, from life decisions to health problems, she will always be available for us to consult the Father in her and give us the Father’s wisdom as she received from Him. Every meeting, she would stay until everyone is settled, that would usually take more than 12 hours even after oftentimes 8 hours of rigorous teaching. She would never rest until everyone is restored.



David too, is very concerned with both our spiritual status and physical status. He would interpret the wisdom Shekinaih received from the Father and expound to us the biblical meaning of the vision and suggest what we should do to overcome the challenges. Because he has suffered being tempted in the decades of training by God, he is able to succor us when we are tempted. Furthermore, his obedience and zeal for God and sincerity toward everyone has moved me greatly.

Personally, David and Shekinaih are like spiritual parents to me. David is very concerned with my spiritual condition and knows my weakness. I’m a proud person, I oftentimes boast my own intelligence and am blinded by it, so much so that I’m unable to use my heart sincerely for my brothers. This is very bad. What’s worse was that I was unaware of it. David, with his quick understanding from God, noticed my deep buried secret stronghold and pointed it out to me with gentleness and meekness. It was very hard for me to face this stronghold, for I was so blinded that I almost can’t agree with what God had exposed. It was difficult for David as well, for confronting a person is never easy. But David was moved by God in love and knew that I must change if I were to receive my breakthrough. For whom the Lord loves, He corrects, even as a father the son in whom he delights. His persistence and sincerity touched me, and I was set free from my sins. This is just one of the many episode in my life where God used David and Shekinaih to help me walk in the path of faith. I know that David will continue to shepherd everyone of us with the love of Jesus, and be an exemplary model for everyone to follow.

Shekinaih, like a mother, also cares for me. For example, she is concerned with the university I’m going to, the courses that I’m going to take, and what I needed to do to have adequate financial support. In all these, she dictated from God and told me the advice from the Father. As I walked obediently under her guidance from God, I feel blessed in everything that I do. For example, the Lord promised me that He would be my provider, that I’ll not need to worry about tuition fees and living expenses, and through the fervent prayer of Shekinaih, I’ve received full sum scholarship for my university studies and I was always blessed with my studies such that it was always easy for me to obtain good grades.

Other that myself, the Lord has also used David and Shekinaih to uphold my parents too. They would advise my mother on her business with the wisdom of God and her spiritual status has grown exceedingly. My father, who used to be very confused about life, wept when Shekinaih touched his head with her hand and had become much more prudent and loving toward us ever since.

I’m very thankful toward Shekinaih and David for what they have done for my family. They have nothing to gain personally from helping us; all that they have done were moved by the Spirit out of the Father’s love toward his children. The Lord we believe in is real in them. I’m convicted that the Father and the Holy Spirit walk in Shekinaih and Jesus walks in Aaron K David, and they are the Two Olive Branches and Two Cherubim of the Ark of Covenant who will anoint and lead the last day army of God. I thank God for His grace for bringing my family to the ministry and I know that our salvation is sure as long as we abide in God in Shekinaih and David, for they would always abide in The Trinity.

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