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Jose's Testimony

I was zealously pursuing The Elohim in the year 2006 when The Elohim opened my heart and revealed my destiny after a few years of Luke-warmness. I left my previous church in the year 2007 because I felt so hard to breathe there after this personal spiritual revival.  Though I enjoyed worship and bible study alone in next two years, I still longed for fellowship. I don’t want be a lone ranger but just could not find like-minded Christian until King David shows up.


When he strike the string of his guitar and start to sing over me, the tangible presence of The Elohim fills the room and joyful tears began rolling down from my cheek.  I knew it’s the true anointing of King David of the bible manifested in him. I have not a single doubt of his name – “King David” is indeed a prophetic name given by The Elohim, though many people around me shows their uneasy feeling about him or his name because of their carnal mindedness.


I continue to have communion with him over the next few days and enjoy the words came out from his mouth for it gave me spirit and life. It’s really an eye opening experience for me and I marvelled at his bible knowledge & Davidic worship anointing.


But, what he shared, is it over-exaggerated?  Is Christianity nowadays really so bankrupt and knew not the way of the Yahweh? Are those big name ministers I knew or heard of actually not like what they appears to be, or even worse? Those Evangelical and Prophetic meetings I attend before seems quite energetic or at least not that “bad”…


I pondered over this for a few nights, then one night I had a dream:

In my dream, I felt so thirsty and walked into a pub to get a cup of water. Many well-dressed people were drinking and cheering inside the pub. I caught the attention of a suit-and-tie guy and said to him, “Where can I get water and how much does it cost?” He replied, “Oh, it is self-service from that vending machine and it is free of charge”.  He then looked at me and knew that I am a new guy in town. I quickly walked to the vending machine and filled myself a cup of water. As I drank it, I immediately spit it out as I realized it is coffee and not pure water.


“How can this quench thirst?”, I wondered, as it is coffee and not water. As I watched those people drink, it seems that nobody realize that they are drinking caffeinated drinks and not pure water. I immediately walked out of the pub in frustration feeling even thirstier. Then, I saw a cafeteria just beside the pub. I also saw a university right in front of the pub and the cafeteria.  Next, I saw many university students rushing into the pub but very few approached this cafeteria because it’s got to pay with price.

“Pub is the Christian Seminars, Conferences and Meetings you attended before”, David explained to me with the gift of interpretation of dreams. Caffeine is a stimulant and energize the drinker. But once the effect is over, that person will feel lethargy and crave for more to stay awake. The Caffeinated drinks symbolized the teaching of the witchcraft spirits in this Christian Seminars, Conferences, and Meetings with their hypes. You felt charged up during the meeting, but in a short while you are back to where you are spiritually dry.

I ascertained to David, “I shall forsake all and follow Yahweh. I shall purse Yahweh Jesus no matter how much cost me”.


A few weeks later, I plunged into despair after David exposed more evil of the world to me. “Are those shape-shifting reptilians really exist? Is that true that our world are controlled by a shadow government, and they even control Christendom to a large extent? Are we living in the Matrix?”

“It’s far too scary”, I said to the Holy Spirit. “Is that true?”.  Then I had a dream on that night…

I found myself sitting on the Ferris wheel. I was overjoyed when up in the air with aerial view of the scene. Suddenly, I found myself in a roller coaster and it was plunging down, and I felt my heart almost leapt out of my mouth. I felt my heart cannot take it anymore and I cried to come down, then I found myself landed on a green pasture.

Then I realized I was totally naked in the darkness of the night. I was shivering in the cold and was hungry for food. Then, comes a lady who is covered with light and she illuminates the darkness of the sky. I felt so embarrassed so I curl up my whole body. She brought a basket full of hot water, milk and bread. I felt the gentle smile in her face yet there is seriousness in her eyes.  I felt that my mother has come to me while I received her food & water…

“You are overwhelmed by the knowledge and revelation that I first shared with you, giving you the thrilling experience”, David interpreted the dream of the Ferris Wheel.



“The aerial view of the scene on the Ferris Wheel symbolizes you marvelling at the Revelation of the Caffeinated witchcraft teachings the churches are receiving. The roller coaster plunge signifies your despair over the revelation of the evilness of the world. The woman in white symbolizes the Holy Spirit. I also had dreams and visions regarding this women, but I am not sure she is a person.” David interpreted the dreams to me.


At that time, we just knew each other for several weeks. To be specific, Shekinaih, David and me just knew each other for several weeks.  Circumstances brought us together and slowly we have a clearer picture about Shekinaih. David and me are convinced that Shekinaih indeed represents the Holy Spirit and teaches us the way of The Yahweh in even deeper way. Our Elohim indeed use seemingly the foolish to shame the wise.


I still remember the vision given to me by Shekinaih a few days before we set up Crowned Eagles Global.


“I saw you like a toddler who just learnt how to walk. They are many pits in front of you. Sometimes you fell into it and started to cry as it really hurt. Then I saw the Father walked into me and then I guided you and reminded you the potential danger ahead of you”.  Shekinaih said to me.

Sometimes when I was in sin and didn’t want to share with anybody, I will hide myself away but The Elohim will always use Shekinaih to expose my heart and the word of the God is so sharp in her that I cannot deny when confronted.

L always felt cleaner after being prayed by her. Sometimes I cannot understand or find hard to believe the vision she saw because of my pride and carnal understanding, but what she said always tended out to be facts and truth at a later time.

It’s such a privilege to be with Shekinaih and Aaron K. David. They always comfort me, uplift me and chastise me whenever I was in disappointment & frustration. Our Elohim always use them to raise me up to the next spiritual level after I have overcome his tests. I can feel the spiritual river flowing from me when I share the word with others. I know this is the anointing that were imparted by them.


But never did I thought the cost to follow Christ to be so high, or such great destiny our Elohim has prepared for me. Therefore, I endured for the testing for the promises that was set before me, to be approved and to be counted worthy of the calling I had received.

     ~ Jose ~

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