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Rachel’s Dream of Shekinaih

Talking To Her on 28 Sept 2017

Dear Sister Shekinaih and Bro. Aaron David,

Greetings to you both.

I wanted to write to you however wasn't sure if I should do so. The 24th Sept 2017 afternoon I took nap and in the dream I saw Sis. Shekinaih- You are beautiful and You were continuously talking to me in the dream. You were saying so many things and then woke up. 

I came to know about your ministry from my mother (Watila) and have also purchased the book 'BEHOLD MY MESSENGER 3- BEHOLD MY NAMES'. I've started reading the book. Hope to complete it soon.

I don't know what else to write but quite excited to see Sis. Shekinaih in dream. The Trinity has always spoken to me through dreams. All I can ask for is continuous spiritual grooming for us and prophecies and revelation to be aligned with Abba Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit.

Thank you for your time!


Rachel, Assam, India

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