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Rachel Testimony

Rachel’s Feedback On “Behold My Messenger 3, Behold My Names” on 4 Oct 2017


Dear Sis. Shekinaih and Bro. Aaron David,


I don't have words enough to thank you. Revelation from THE TRINITY and Sis. Shekinaih's prayer, all your time and so much love in this email...moved me to tears. I feel being loved and taken of. I'm so grateful to you both, understanding the fact that it takes much perseverance, compassion and honesty to be available for Abba Father and also to reach out to every soul. I wish to have more patience and compassion. With a heart of thankfulness, I can offer prayer for you and ministry...if it’s worthy enough!



Rachel, Assam,India

Rachel’s Feedback on :Behold My Messenger 3, Behold My Names on 26 Sept 2017

Dear Sis. Shekinaih and Bro. Aaron David,

I've learned of you and your ministry from my mother and have purchased your book 'BEHOLD MY MESSENGER-3, BEHOLD MY NAMES'. I have just started the book. I have read few books on heavenly experience and spiritual things (Christian perspective) however I haven't read any book like yours. It’s completely a new experience with the book, so spiritual and extras. I hope to complete it soon.

Thank you for your time!


Rachel, Assam, India

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