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This book is THE LAST DAY BIBLE decoding from Genesis to Revelation, saith The Trinity




Book Synopsis


The hour has now come for us to reveal what lies before mankind as the Book of Revelation unfolds their fate.

We urge you to get a copy of this book as your only source of hope when the calamity strikes like a thief in the night without warning. The clock has started ticking. It has one minute heaven's time before the strike.



    Heading: - Power In The Name Of God.
    This book by Shekinaih and Aaron K David , God has revealed his 7 names. His 7 names has different functions that are:- The EL , Adonai , Elohim , Yahweh , Eh Yeh , Yahweh Sabaoth , The Shaddai . In these last days, God’s wrath will execute in the three (3) realms in the cosmoses. This book has the deep insight what is going to happen in the coming years – in different nations what God is going to do. Through this, you will know who are the last days Heavenly armies and the 1,44,000 chosen brides. Jesus has given 50 commandments for his last day armies to carry out.
    I urge you to find it out through reading this book.

    Heading:-Eternity At Your Discretion.
    You haven’t reached this book by any coincidence. You’re here for the spirit knows what the soul searches for. Gird up yourself. This is an awesome book. You will find out when you read it for yourself.  
    But for those, who love to spare some time- here’s a heads up: One cannot comprehend God with human mind, this can be clearly witnessed in the book. So be prepared to be thrilled by the radical face of God. The trust of authority God vest on mortal beings for His immortal kingdom. More to add are interesting issues like How God is going to execute in these last days; 1,44,000 bride; End Times; Babylon Mystery and much more..... it’s  difficult to pen down everything. I encourage you to explore. You’ll love this reading experience. Be Blessed.

    Heading: - Worth Investing Time.
    I learnt of this book from my mother. And like every other Christian book published out there, I wasn’t much attracted to it. However, I sat to read with a focused mind – to my amazement; there were great revelation unfolded, events to happen in days to come.  Everyone is intrigued about the future and worried about present. This book opens our eyes of understanding to wider dimension. When you can invest your time in other things; I believe you’ll invest your time in this Book – Behold My Messenger 3 Behold My Names for your future too.
    Read it with an open mind............ and see if it pertains to you. Blessings!



    Title : A Must Read !

    Interesting! Inspirational and easy to read.  Full of visions and Trinity’s transcript for mankind survival in these last earth years.

    I will strongly recommend everyone to get a copy so that you will be well prepared in the coming calamities years at hand!



    Heading : This is Difference!

    Wow! This is different! Full of Revelations of what is going to take place. Insider’s information and is worth every cent you paid. Couldn’t ask for more.



    Heading : Wow Factor !

    Hm. It’s hard to swallow. Painful truth. Intrigue one’s mind to ask many Whys? I thought this and that….. Truth hurts. However, it’s better to know it now than never!



    Heading : It Will Saves Your Life!

    This book will save your life from eternal damnation! It reveals how the whole Book of Revelation in the bible is going to take place and what must one do to correct their life back to God before it is too late. It is full of visions of God given by The Trinity and their transcript for Mankind regarding how the last phase of Mankind History is about to take place. It provides The Avenue of escape for the righteous.....



    Heading : Felt Enlightened !

    I felt enlightened after reading this book. It helps me to re-examine what is my life’s priority and what really matters to me and what is really important to me when everything diminish without warnings!  Thanks. Greatly appreciate it.



    My heart burned within me, my mind felt illuminated. I felt being liberated after reading it and my spirit begin to soar in a higher realm above the storm of life.👍👍👍



    Heading : My Spirit Felt Quicken!

    It is full of visions by Jesus and very interesting to read and my spirit felt quicken after reading it. Glad to have bought it. Cheers!



    A Gift from Heaven!

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