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Paul’s Vision Of The Wedding Feast

on 6 Oct 2017

Just now during prayers, Jose, James n myself, we started off with songs “Go, Go, Go, I Have Sent You” and “My Counsel Shall Stand”. Then we expounded the lyrics in “My Counsel Shall Stand”. Then moved on to 1Jn 5:18 and James 4:6


The session is very powerful, I felt that as if we are brought up many times to another level. We then prayed for everyone and proclaimed God’s promises and our birth-right as the children of God.


During the prayer, I saw a gold path open out that leads to a castle. It’s a straight path, shrouded with creeping roots etc. As we walk, we praise, dance and give thanks to God.


We reached the castle in a short time. Jesus was at the door receiving us. A wedding feast was held. I saw sister Shekinaih seated at the head of the table with every one of us, each in our own robe. They are rainbow colour robe, and different crowns were given to us.


We ended off singing “Blessed Unlimited” song 10 times for ourselves and for breakthrough and God’s promises for everyone.


Halfway singing, I saw The Father looked down from heaven with a board smile on his face, putting today into his heart.

Paul, Singapore

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