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Paul’s Vision of His Stronghold Broken by Shekinaih and Aaron K David

on 29 June 2017


A short introduction: Paul is staying in Singapore. He is one of our disciple who has a seer’s anointing.

Paul: Just now while praying, I saw this vision. I saw Sister Shekinaih and K. David banging a battering ram against my stronghold. Once when the pillar was broken, I saw my spirit flew out. Some remaining broken piece were on the floor. I then saw a giant man, like God, The Father wearing a straw hat brought a big pot of burning matter and pour over it. I saw lava like liquid came out of the pot. I then saw more of my spirit fly out. Then I saw a hand stuffing my spirit inside a light bulb. When it lighted, it gave a yellowish bright light which is very attractive and amazing to look at. Then I saw the hand belongs to Sister Shekinaih and you are smiling.

Sister Shekinaih, just now after you have prayed for my restoration, I saw my armour is upgraded with embroidery on them. Then I saw myself with a spear with full armour standing at the enemy’s gate. After throwing my spear towards the enemy and hitting one of the target, I ran towards the enemy’s gate which was opened and the enemy are already arrayed awaiting for the showdown. When they saw me, they were all amazed and mesmerized by the brilliant light of my armour and were stunned. I ran towards their head and fought with him. At one moment, our sword met and there was a stand still. Suddenly, he pulled out a short knife and stabbed me by the side. To his surprise, I wasn’t hurt but with a surge of energy I swing my sword toward his head and it dismembered and dropped on the floor.

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