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Paul’s Vision of Shekinaih Sitting on The Throne on 24 May 2017

A short introduction: Paul is staying in Singapore. He is one of our disciple who has a seer’s anointing.

Paul: Oh I remember again. When I am praying for restoration, I saw lighting and thunder and the scene of “The Day of The Lord Is At Hand”. I realized The Trinity keep repeating the same thing again and again to me; the lighting and thunder. I saw spiritually our house is on fire...

Shekinaih: Lord I hold Paul at Breakthrough point by 100% purification n restoration for him in Jesus’s name Amen. Done. I saw my giant hand representing THE TRINITY uphold your rocket as it fly.

Paul:  So cute I saw a vision. Your hand is like the giant Buddha’s hand shown in Monkey King TV series.  My rocket is so small and so cute.

You are in heaven seated on the throne but I am seeing from side view. Like the heavenly scene in Monkey king TV series, there are many small island hanging in heaven, like the hanging islands in the movie Avatar.

Paul, Singapore

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