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Melissa's Testimony

When I first met Shekinaih and Aaron K David, I was surprised with the many extra revelations they shared. I also received a sudden call from the Trinity through Shekinaih to resign from my church engagements I was attending. As I was unsure about the Word given I started my deep searching for a Word from the Lord personally and/or other reliable sources for confirmation.

Despite the skepticism, I made an attempt to withdraw myself from the church but was unsuccessful. This led me to doubt myself and my discernment, thinking if I was indeed misled. However, I continued to seek deeply in the Word and through prayer .







It was easy to convince myself that I was misled, but somehow there was a prompting in my heart that the word given was truly from the Trinity. The Trinity also started personally showing me revelations through many signs and opening my eyes into areas which I’ve overlooked. I was also reminded about a few prophetic dreams I had way before I met Shekinaih and David which I later came to realize as a warning concerning the church. It became very difficult to ignore the words given by Trinity through Shekinaih at my first meeting. As Shekinaih and David continued to share more truths, I was rather shocked to realize what they said were true based on my own research. So I knew I had no other choice but to leave the church. It was a difficult process as my friends could not understand me.

Despite many attempts, I found myself in a losing battle as my former leader was not willing to release me thinking I was completely misled. At the verge of giving up, the Trinity gave me a particular dream vision confirming what Shekinaih and David had told me. That increased my faith and strengthened me to rise up to the truth that I should leave the church organization. I sought hard to release myself from the church leadership organization and finally, I was relinquished from my roles in the church and no longer under the Woman Mystery Babylon’s covering.

Despite the battle being over, it took me some tearful moments to recover from the pain of losing a family of brothers and sisters  in the Lord whom I had grown to love and the guilt of leaving them rather abruptly was tough. I was somehow wrestling with the Trinity in allowing this to happen to me and had wished I never knew these painful truths about the current Christendom so as to remain in a happy-go-lucky state which the church has appeared to me then.  I later dreamed of Shekinaih telling me that I must focus on the right thing. And I saw this fulfillment when the Trinity through her spoke to me about stop running around and to sit on Jesus’s lap like Mary did, to renew my mind to the truth and to focus on doing what pleases the Father. I could feel the love and heart of the Father in Shekinaih when she was explaining to me.

As I was recovering from all these, I began to see how real the Trinity was manifesting through Shekinaih and David, with all their dedication in sharing of the Word and the hidden truths to make sure that we will fulfill our destiny on this earth. I began to feel grateful that the Trinity had revealed these truths to set me free from the wrong teachings and to understand my real purpose on this earth.

Recently I also had a dream. I saw myself coming to CEG and Shekinaih hugged me and said welcome home. Next I saw myself ushering in a strong wind with the rest of the CEG members. After that, I saw myself worshipping the Trinity and an angel came into my body and David saw light coming out of my back body. I felt very encouraged to know that God was confirming to me about CEG and his representatives. All glory and honor and praise to the Trinity!

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