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Linda's Vision Of The Source Of Origin When She Looked At The Book Cover of "BEHOLD MY MESSENGER 3, BEHOLD MY NAMES" on 6 Sept 2017

Introduction: Linda is a beautician by profession. She have many Near Death Experience and is a truth seeker of God. Daily she will sow seed of kindness helping elderly in public places for few hours before starting her works in her shop. She said she is sowing Eternity as she had witness the spiritual. She is fully convicted that Shekinaih has the truth and is excited to read her book.

Below is a transcript of their conversation

Linda: I saw a pair of saturated, great hands. Next, I saw a giant heart which is truthful. The desire is very strong, a very strong thinking, energetic desire.  The thinking power of that desire is even stronger than the sun. I feel that the universe’s center is eternal. You are doing this for Eternity, an eternal endeavor. Congratulations. Very good! I saw your sincerity. Most importantly, you have transformed into the eternal, permanent true self. Wow!  Congratulation. I am very touched! When I saw the photo you sent to me, my first impression of you is, I was touched by your energy field. That true magnetic energy field. You have gathered everything of all things on earth and make them return to the source of origin. Next, from the inner most of the source of origin, you send out the energy field which has been re-organized. This is yours. You really make it. Congratulation.

Could you tell me your thoughts of naming this book?

This book, this book. It comes from you. I received the book from your hands. Since yesterday evening, I have been waiting for it because you said in your message that you will be coming to my shop.

When you asked me whether I would like to have the book? I replied to you immediately, “Yes, of course.” When I first see this book, in fact, the thoughts I have when I saw it in the WhatsApp was already strong enough. But when I saw the physical book, my feeling is; I want to say one sentence: “You truly have locked Eternity. I feel that you have brought the authenticity of all eternity into this book. I can see it. I haven’t read the book. I really have not read the contents of the book yet. But the impression I received from this book is really good.

The creation that is eternal. It creates an eternal, authentic self, which can help you return to your eternal and authentic self. It’s an authentic sincerity and a genuine emptiness. From there, you take over all the good and evil. Then you create things and diffuse them out. Just now what I felt is the same as what you said. It’s real. Very good!

Linda, Singapore

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