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Jimmy Felt The Awesome Presence of God As He Beholds The Book “Behold My Messenger 3, Behold My Names  

on 8 Sept 2017

A short introduction: Jimmy is an owner of a car repair workshop. He is a devout Buddhist who daily practice good works to reap good judgment when he die. He sees in the spirit.

Jimmy: When I look at the cover of this book, I feel my heart is enlarge to see things more clearly.  I am convicted that I should zip my mouth when talking to you and not to speak disrespectfully and carelessly before you for I fear God. I must confess, when one look at this book cover, his mind will be fully enlightened and will feel secure and more confidence. This is what I felt.

It’s not easy to read this book. Not everyone can read this book.  Those who want to read this book must be destined to read it.  If they are not destined, they will not be able to read it. Furthermore, those who are able to read this book, it is good to introduce this book to everybody who really need it. It will be a blessing to them.

Shekinaih:  I saw Abba Father, Holy Spirit and Jesus standing next to you clapping their hands cheering you now when you speak these words

Jimmy:  I can feel electricity charging me. I feel my body is numb. It came from you. I am thankful for this visitation. The whole world need to read this book.

Jimmy, Singapore

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