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Jessie’s Vision of The Heavenly Building on 12 May 2015

A short introduction: Jessie is staying in China. She is one of our disciple who has a seer’s anointing. This is a conversation between Jessie and her son Abraham which was recorded in Chinese and translated.

Jessie says to her son Abraham, “When we were at The Peak in Hong Kong, God gave me the revelation of the temple of God which you will build. The temple is like a building. The building has three floors. The top of the building has a staff like a staff on a pagoda. The staff is full of light; like the rod of Moses which was full of authority. It emanated light everywhere and when the light shines, it shines on a lot of people on earth. It seems to be upon everyone on earth. Everyone on earth was looking up to the light. This is what I see. The light reflected vertically down such that the whole temple is full of light. I can’t really describe it well. But anyways, except the top of the temple, the rest is like a Chinese pagoda. The first level is very short, the second level is very tall and the third level is a little shorter. It is very solid, sturdy, heavy and firm. It seems indestructible. The Lord says to me, ‘This temple is what I’ll ask Abraham to build.’

Now I see another vision which I’ve not seen while we were on the peak. I saw you wearing a red garb standing on level one of the temple. The staff on top of the temple has been converted into a sword and was put into your hand. I’ve never seen you in a black garb with red shirt inside. You were holding that sword as if going to war. Anyway it is like you standing on the roof, taking a sharp sword to command something.

Now I see Shekinaih sitting inside the temple again like an Empress sitting on a golden chariot. There are two wings on her. There were a lot of people pressing to enter the building. I noticed the building rising up in the cloud. Now I see the building in the sky surrounded by many clouds. I saw people beneath were in pain. They were crying and shouting seeming to be begging for something.

Now I see Shekinaih sitting inside the temple again like an Empress sitting on a golden chariot. There are two wings on her. There were a lot of people pressing to enter the building. I noticed the building rising up in the cloud. Now I see the building in the sky surrounded by many clouds. I saw people beneath were in pain. They were crying and shouting seeming to be begging for something.

There were very few people in the building. They are all wearing white. The winds are blowing on the golden building. I saw the curtains in the building are swinging because of the strong wind. I see so many people in black below shouting and crying. I heard them saying, ‘Lord! Have mercy on us! Or ‘So Jesus is real, I didn’t know!’ Then I saw fire burning in many places… anyway, it seems like there were many catastrophes below. As I said fire just now, the word ‘Sulfur’ came into my mind.

I see an ugly and hideous face that looks like the head of a snake. I saw the word ‘Satan’ in my mind. He was twisting his enormous body but had a small and thin tail. He looked like he was coiling up on the earth in pain and was pressing many people with his body. Many people are pointing their finger at the snake cursing Satan. I think I’m seeing the Book of Revelation unveils. I am not well versed with what is written in that book. But anyway, it was very dark and in a far place half way on a mountain, I see a woman coiled around by a snake seeming to give birth. She was in pain. I heard terrible howling and wailing sounds.

The pagoda is now further and further away and now I couldn’t see it anymore. You have also become very small and I can’t see you anymore. I saw blood flowing like a river on earth and innumerable people are dead. I saw the earth opened widely and was filled with black water. The black water like the wave of the sea flushes the people down into the deep crack. I heard God says, ‘Hell’.  Everyone was dropping in and I see Satan laughing, ‘Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha... I can’t figure out how he sounds like but he was very hideous. Then as he shake his head, the water became more turbulent and flushes the people down violently.

Now I see the enormous black python whose face is hideous looking like a snakehead fish going down into the deep crack as well. As he went in, the crack closed. After that, I saw lightning in a great place and as it flashes, I can see a building becoming bigger and is descending. In the beginning, the building was very small beyond my sight but now is becoming bigger and bigger, even the light surrounding it.  I saw people inside the building dancing and I heard music. There are people with trombones and also other strange instruments which I have never seen before. The trombones are very long and it gives a sound that can shakes the mountain and sky. It is so long... Then God gave me the word: ‘Jerusalem’.

As the building hovers down, it landed on the seashore. I saw the sea is very blue. The place is very serene. The land is filled with grass and people in white robes came out. They are very happy and they carried a throne with Shekinaih seated on it.  Then I saw saints like Abraham, Moses, Israel… K. David also walked out of the building. Jose followed behind. David and Jose are in human form but Shekinaih is like an angel with wings. You (Abraham) and I also came out as well. I was wearing a long robe. Only Shekinaih is different from all of us and she is seated on a throne. Then, I saw The Father in the sky who was super big. He is very happy and His face is huge. But I can’t see him clearly. I just see His features with brows and the eyes. He looks very benign and kind. He then says, ‘This is what my children should be. This is my kingdom and this is what I like and want my children to be. You stay here and live for a 1000 years’. Then He disappeared. I then see Jesus wearing white and barefooted walking from afar like a man. After everyone bow down to him, David, Jose, you, me and everyone came near to Him. Only Shekinaih is still sitting on her throne and she never spoke a word. Then I heard Jesus says to us, ‘Your destiny is fulfilled.’ Then Jesus walk towards Shekinaih and hug her. As he hugged her, her wings disappeared and she became a human being. And everyone come and hugged her. I also heard the sound of seagulls. We are like normal human being living normal lives. I saw elephants and there are dinosaurs in far places. Anyway, it’s like a big zoo or garden surrounded by nature. The animals and humans are friendly toward each other. The animals stay far away from us. They live separately from us. Then Jesus flew away. Everyone take this as normal as everyone can fly freely if they want to. I saw many kids flying as well.


Then I heard the black snake Satan lying deep under the Earth howling and powerless. There are super thick chains binding him. Now I see a long and endless river in Hell fill with liquid like liquid steel. The people who are now spirits are in them. Half of their body are sink in that river. Their upper bodies are struggling to get free. Their bodies are very thin and small like black shadows of a paper man. They don’t look like human but are like thin shadow. Some of them have their feet inside. If they tried to escape, Satan just need to look or sigh and they will fall back into the river. But whenever they can, they will try to escape again but will fail to get out of the river. It is a futile endless endeavor. Then I see the word ‘Sulfur’ again. This river is endless. All the people are inside and there are some babies as well. There are babies inside like black shadows but their faces are still round. I heard a voice saying that these are those who were killed by abortion. They have no souls and they looked inert and tranquil. They still have flesh and their faces are white but the adults have no flesh.

I saw a woman who gave birth to a child were half way up the mountain raising the child up. A white creature carried the child up away and she dropped and rolled from that place down to the place in front of Satan. Satan says to her: “It is all your fault. I’ve also received punishments. But I will still win one day!’ He never gives up. He says, ‘One day, I will be free of the chain’. I then saw beside the chains, the word ‘1000’.

Now I see the spirits struggling in the river and on the sides, there are liquid fires flowing into the river. As they tried to struggle with their hands or etc., the liquid fires came and burn them. Satan is not inside the fire, and he watch the scene happily. I indeed see your grandma not inside the fire. She is stuck half way up the mountain.

On the other side, everyone is happy and I saw them going into the garden picking red fruits bigger than cherry but smaller than hawthorn. I’ve never seen this type of red; it’s very beautiful. I heard children giggling and conversing. I can’t tell who is their father or mother. I also saw a scene that JESUS will sometimes join us to barbeque fish. But there is no fire as he barbequed it.

There is a pristine river and people drink from it using leaves. The appliances are advanced and the computers are futuristic where you just need to lift a lever and you can see the history of humanity in the past who have not believed God despite His many efforts. Every time they watched it, in gratefulness, they kneeled down to thank God and sing praises to God with trumpets and dance with great joy.

Now I see JESUS walking towards me sitting beside a pond with trees nearby. He says, ‘My child, do you like it? This is the life I want you to live. Do you believe now? I Immediately, I shed tear and Jose was giggling far away. He was happy knowing that I had finally realized it. JESUS then says, ‘I have always wanted to take you here but whatever you do, you must be obedient to the will of THE FATHER’.

Far away, there is a setting sun with a rainbow. JESUS says to me, ‘Look, this is the covenant between you and me. I’ll take you to my kingdom to let you live happily without disease and war. This is my New Eden. This is my kingdom. But in the past, people don’t know about it, they don’t believe’. I saw JESUS wept as he speak, ‘I had a tough walk as well but I did according to the will of The Father. Shekinaih is the same, it was tough for her but she did it as well; also David and Jose’. He patted on them and then left.

Hell looks the same with all the fire but the other side at the kingdom of God is happiness. The building you build was there. I can’t really describe the building well.

I saw the number “1,000” and then the place that contained Satan was opened and the python Satan broke free of the chains and jumped out of the crevice. I saw the opening of the pit closed again and the souls in the bottomless pit remain locked up there.

I saw Satan stood with his big belly like a standing python. He shouted loudly: ‘Alpha and Omega! Do you still want to spar with me? I tell you that I cannot be defeated because I’m made by you. Let all the people be tormented forever!’

Then I saw THE FATHER appeared in the sky and blew fire and it shattered the devil. The bits of its flesh flew everywhere. Although the flesh of Satan was gone, his broken and dejected spirit was still lingering near the border of Hell. He could still control the people in Hell.

Then I saw THE FATHER put Shekinaih on the throne again. She was carrying a staff on her hand and THE FATHER said to her, ‘I will commence the last judgment.’

David was at the right hand of Shekinaih wearing smartly in white like a scribe. Jose was at her left wearing a white wig like a lawyer. Shekinaih never spoke a word. She was holding a scepter like the scepter of a king and wearing the tiara of an empress.

The black spirits in hell came one by one and kneeled before her. Shekinaih never spoke a word and David was writing something on a book. As she pointed her scepter towards the black spirits, some became white and flew away. Some became a puddle of water.

David was simultaneously writing on a book about those that became white. Shekinaih was pointing and commanding with the scepter and Jose was busy counting the numbers. Whenever Shekinaih used the scepter to point at the spirits, it seemed like the decision is final. I saw Jose slamming his gavel concluding the trial as he records it.

I saw these words: 3 days and 3 nights; 7x7=49 days; and 999.

(Interpreted by David, 3 days and 3 nights refers to those who are beheaded in Revelation 11, 7x7= 49 refers to wandering souls, 999 refers to innumerable souls)

There were murderers, rapists, teenagers, offenders, thieves, arsonists, evil judges, pastors, teachers, and etc. For those unrighteous and lawless pastors, as Shekinaih wielded her sword in her hand to swirl the spirit, the spirit of the pastor was shattered into nothingness.

Every spirit who committed different crimes came and David seemed to be recording their crimes. As Shekinaih pointed her scepter, the spirit will go to the place they were allotted. I saw David drawing boxes and recording where they went. The boxes were like cages, a man here and another man there…

Satan was agitated as he witnessed the judgment. He had a black hideous face and was bodiless. He had become powerless. For every judgment passed, he desires to interfere but to no avail because he had no more power.

Then I saw Shekinaih judged the spirits that were floating in the air. They were not in our temple nor in Hell, and their numbers were numerous. As she waved her scepter, the spirit was dragged over like a puppet. They were scared as well and didn’t know where to go. David drew another box on top of the previous one and as Shekinaih pointed at them, the spirit became very small and went inside the box which David drew.

They were judged one by one. Then I saw the word “108”, then it became 1008, then 10008, then 100008 and the pattern continues as the judgment continues. I don’t know what this means. Anyways, when Shekinaih’s scepter moved, one spirit will come after another after being judged, David will put it into a box and the spirit will disappear before THE GREAT WHITE THRONE.

On the side of the Kingdom of Heaven, I heard Jesus saying to us, ‘It is over, from the beginning to the last, it is finished.’

We then asked him, “What will happen after this 1,000 years?”

Jesus then replied, ‘I don’t know. From the beginning till the end, I don’t know. Only THE FATHER knows. It’s over. I think I should go back to THE FATHER. What about you? Do you follow me or not? I don’t know. You are free to decide.’

Satan also said that it was going to be over. His spirit was gone and became a tiny little ball and David put his spirit into the box in his book at the lowest, most insignificant, and smallest place.

THE FATHER also left. The fire in Hell continued to burn but all the spirits were gone. There were still many white floating spirits who were alive. When Shekinaih pointed her scepter, some of them were allotted to be among us. Other just flew into the boxes that David drew.

The people among us could fly. They played and danced and worshipped in glorious halls. They also used computers and etc.… it’s like we are living in a fantasy world.


Then I saw many planets moving in the expanse. Many of them had lights.

I saw the enormous head of THE FATHER controlling them. I heard him said, ‘I’m the beginning and the last.’

Everything is under the control of THE FATHER. The planets were in the black space and I also saw the Milky Way and comets. THE FATHER was in the background of the expanse.

I saw the Temple of God. The building is heavy on earth but light in the sky.

Jesus then said to me, ‘This is made of a heavenly material. When the time comes, I will put the sketches and plans into your son Abraham’s head. Every nail and hole will I enlighten him. They can’t be slanted or out of place. This is the temple that the saints of old (like David, Abraham and etc.) did not complete. Now I hand this to Abraham, your son, to design and build to bring my beloved children to follow me.’

Excitedly I ask him, ‘Lord, when will the time be for him to build it?’

Jesus said to me, ‘Maybe many years later, I don’t know, only THE FATHER knows. I will give revelation to him when the time comes but he need to prepare for this temple.’

I asked Jesus, ‘Is Hell really like this?’

Jesus replies, ‘Yes.’

I said to Him, ‘Where will we go after the 1,000 years?’

Jesus replied, ‘I don’t know, give everything to THE FATHER to handle.’

I said to Him, ‘Is it true that all those who were dead will be resurrected then?’

Jesus replied, ‘That depends on my kingdom and how pure their hearts are. I will choose some.’

I then asked, ‘Lord, when the building is built, we will be very old by then, how can we follow you?’

Jesus then said to me, ‘All of you are young brides. You will follow me. You will be strong like bulls in their prime.’

I then asked him, ‘Is there anything else you want to say to me?’

Jesus then replied, ‘You must trust me. You must believe me. I’ll give you everything. Trust me for there are very few who will really trust me to see the Kingdom. So, you must trust me. The purpose of this vision is to tell my children to have faith in my Kingdom because there are so few who made it into my Kingdom. For those who are chosen, they are very precious to me as I am to THE FATHER. Jessie, you are a very kind woman. You are pure and innocent. You are just like a little girl. I trust you, but first you must trust me.’”

Jessie, China

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