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Jessie’s Vision of Shekinaih Sitting on The Golden Throne on 16 May 2016

A short introduction: Jessie is staying in China. She is one of our disciple who has a seer’s anointing.

“You should have released all your burdens a long time ago. There are thousands of angels encouraging you to release your burdens to me. You are supposed to fly with so many angels around you”, Jessie told Abraham, her son, what she just heard Jesus saying to her.

Jessie then continued to relate her vision to her son, “I saw many angels in the sky and a lot money was floating in the air for me to grab. There are Singapore Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars, Renminbi, Korean Won, Indian Rupee, even Bangladesh Taka...

I was flying and taking you so that we can be relieved. I saw your aunt smiling and Jose was smiling as well.

I heard Jose saying to me, ‘Haven't I told you a long time ago? You just didn't listen!’

I saw David playing music and Shekinaih was nodding and smiling as well.

I saw Shekinaih giving me a crown and I was wearing a white gown. She brought me to Jesus and said: ‘Jesus, this is a child of God. I give her now to you because she is pure. She has let go of everything. I now return her to you.’

I heard Shekinaih saying to me, ‘Your destiny is going to be fulfilled soon. At the same time, I shall give Abraham to you as well but I need to train him more to make you, his mother, proud of him.’

Then I saw you turned into a bride wearing white walking toward a gate made of gems. As Shekinaih made a trumpet sound with her voice, I saw you being blew into the gate. I was already inside the gate and I looked like a phoenix. I also saw Jose. He was dressed like a warrior leading many more brides walking towards the gate.

After Shekinaih brought you in, she then sat on her throne which is behind Jesus' Throne on his right. Seated like an Empress, she was looking at all the brides wearing white who were entering the gate.

I saw David leading many worshippers singing and praising God. I can’t understand what they were singing. He was leading some strange creatures to sing. They were all covered with gold. I saw them all facing a big emerald throne. I saw that they were like ancient warriors carrying staffs. David was waving a staff conducting the heavenly choirs. The whole heavenly scene looked like a king inspecting his troops in a grand ceremony.

There were brides everywhere wearing holy garments. The path they were treading on were paved with gems.

I was seated at the left of Jesus at the top of the triangular formation of the brides. Shekinaih was seated on the right of Jesus but on a higher plane.

I then heard THE FATHER said to me, ‘You are the first among the ten thousand.’

Initially, I was wearing white but now I’m wearing fiery red bridal gown and my crown was shining brightly. I then shouted ‘Hallelujah! Hallelujah!’

I then led some angels and we started to dance for Jesus who was wearing a red gown.

All the people who were present were watching me as I danced difficult moves. Jesus was blowing His breath toward a certain spot as I was dancing. Wherever He blew His breath toward that spot, I danced towards that place.

Then, I saw THE FATHER. He was seated on His throne on the highest plane. As I looked upward from where I was, I saw Jesus seated on His throne on a plane lower than Shekinaih’s throne which was lower than THE FATHER’S throne.

THE FATHER was reclining on His throne and His face was very big and His hairs were very white. I can’t see the shape of his face but it was very big. Like a hologram, He hovers above everyone and looked at everyone.

Then, I heard Him said, ‘These are all my children. I thank you Jesus for you have done it. You are my proudest who honors me the most. Your duty is fulfilled. I will bring these people into my kingdom to let them live for 1,000 years on the planet. This is my kingdom and my place. You are all the undying spirits which will live forever.’

Then I heard THE FATHER roared. As He roared, the place was filled with holy fire and everybody was speaking in tongues.

Jessie, China

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