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Jessie’s Vision on Judgement of God In The Last Days on 6th Aug 2017

A short introduction: Jessie is staying in China. She is one of our disciple who has a seer’s anointing.

As I look at the cover page of Book 3 (Behold My Messenger 3, Behold My Names), I saw many angels. I also saw Jesus in the midst of them. I saw ABBA FATHER in the sky, Jesus is in the center. I now truly see a picture of Shekinaih (in Golden Express robe) and in her stomach, is indeed Jesus who is like a baby in her stomach. On top of this Shekinaih’s picture, I saw ABBA FATHER’S head exceedingly huge hovering above this picture. I saw exceeding number of angels closely arrayed in midst in brilliant white light.

Next, I saw K. David holding a commanding sword, leading and giving order to the army of God. I saw the army of God with the horsemen charging in the battle field. I saw Jose (Xu Dong) fully dressed for battle wearing a Superman suit ready to fight. I again saw the vision I saw before, I saw you (Abraham) are standing on a ship commanding the armies who are youth. When K. David send out his command by waving the flag, Jose will blows the horn and the young army with trumpets and spears led by youth like you all, will charge into battle. After that, I saw a bowl from heaven pouring blood on the earth. I also saw a sickle falling down from Heaven. The sickle came down is to kill all the spirits of darkness by cutting off their heads one after another with chopping sound. I heard the shriek and cry of these spirits when they are slain! It looks like the army of God are already in the battle with these spirits of darkness. In the midst of the battle, I saw Shekinaih also ccommanding the army. She was instructing K. David to execute the ABBA FATHER’S decree. She instructs K. David that people in a certain places deserve to be killed, David will lead the army of God to execute the decree. When she instructs him that the people in a certain place deserve to be punished with calamities, K. David will lead the army of God to perform signs and wonders to bring disasters there.

I also saw Shekinaih blowing fire out of her mouth. When she made a trumpet sound with her mouth, fire will come out of her mouth like as if it comes down from heaven. I can hear the trumpet sound that she blows very clearly though I cannot mimic accurately.  I can hear she is blowing the sound, “Hooo     Hooo......Hooo…. Hooo….” Then I heard evil spirits such as black demons and ghosts crying and screaming. I saw the angels of God in silent surrounded with light.  I heard the people in the whole world on their knees sscreaming and crying. This is the same as what I saw in my previous vision. They are bowing down, crying and screaming for God's mercy saying, "Lord, Lord…” I saw a few people wearing white being taken away by the angels as I have saw previously in my previous vision. As for most of the people, like the demons with vicious faces, they are all killed by the angels with swords and saber without mercy.

Next, I saw seven giant demons (THE TRINITY revealed to Shekinaih, that, these are the principalities of the 7 regions) fighting with K. David using swords and knives. I heard Shekinaih blowing the horn to command the army of God to return after the battle was won. David then led the army back. Next, I saw a bulldozer. I then saw a giant hole opened up which look like those bored by drilling machine in oil extraction. It’s very deep. I saw angels use a giant bulldozer to push those carcasses with the carcasses of the seven giant demons into the hole. It is like the center of this Book 3 cover picture’s opens up into an extremely big hole. The carcasses of the seven giant demons are being pushed first into this hole. It is like an earthquake and the ground opened up and a lot of people fell into it with falling sound.  Following that, I saw the hole became deeper and longer like the earthquakes shown in Science Fiction. The hole initially is just darkness, but, soon I saw fire flames below as it opens up layer by layer as it goes deeper and deeper and the hole is opening and closing repeatedly as people fell into it like an octopus opening and closing its mouth repeatedly.

I then heard Shekinaih proclaims “Judgment!” in Mandarin, then again, in English. I also saw K. David proclaim “Judgment” in English. I then saw the hole closed suddenly like a big lid had closed it and the people that fell into this hole cannot come out anymore. I heard the utter dreary cries and screams inside the hole.

Next, I saw all kinds of punishments inside this big hole. In the middle of this giant hole, there is a smelting furnace. I saw some demons use shovels to push some black demons and people into the furnace. They cry and fight back but like it was useless and to no avail. I saw the seven giant demons using dozer pushing the people into the furnace. When people are pushed into the furnace, they disappeared. Some are struggling inside. Their face appearance looks like black skeleton and demons. I really saw blood flowing out. Nonetheless, some people are still alive. Then, I saw a blue laser beaming out from JESUS. Once the blue laser beam passes through their bodies, they become dead. The blue laser beam is scanning inside the furnace. I also saw it becomes a red laser beam. I heard a resolute voice from someone say, “Let them perish! They are not what I want.” The voice is from JESUS. When the laser beam was blue, JESUS was still trying to save some people. However, after the blue laser beam had encircled and scanned one round inside the furnace, it became red beam and I heard JESUS said, “Let them perish! These are not what I want.”

Then, I saw Shekinaih kept the army commanding flag she received from THE ABBA FATHER. I saw she stamped using what looks like an imperial seal on the royal decree and then roll up the decree to keep it.  Then, the laser beam also disappeared.

Next, I saw Shekinaih, JESUS, K. David, Jose, and Abraham starting to celebrate a feast. As they are celebrating, I am serving them like a low ranking soldier. I am serving Shekinaih with wine and helps to massage her shoulder.  Everyone is joyful. It’s a celebration party! Then, I heard Shekinaih spoke three words in Mandarin, “Victory! Victory! Victory!” Next, I saw members of CEG Church proclaim “Victory! Victory! Victory!” in English. I saw Paul, Zechariah, James (Ze Lin) who is also serving people with tea and water, and Sarah carrying her child, seems very happy. I also saw Esther and her two daughters. I saw Jose’s mother sitting behind Jose (Xu Dong). Jose (Xu Dong) seems very happy to be with his mother. I also saw your dad (Abraham’s dad) toast a cup of wine to K. David. I also saw somebody else I know who is also toasting. Everyone was very happy.

Next, I saw Shekinaih open the decree again. It seems that she is announcing and assigning tasks to everyone, who to do what. This is the second judgment. She allocates tasks to every member. Everyone is like a well-trained soldier. They all stood up immediately and knelt down with one knee on the floor like an ancient soldier to accept the decree. They proclaim “Hallelujah”. I then saw myself like a fiery Phoenix again. I am like a transporting officer and begin to ship all the gold, silver and other jewelries and treasures. I saw Jose in charge of commanding the rest to ship all the army's provisions. I am not like him who is a commander but I am in charge of transporting and shipping all the gold and silver and other treasures. I saw you (Abraham) stand on the ship. Everyone begins to carry out their tasks. Next, I saw Shekinaih sit on the golden throne, which is bestowed by the ABBA FATHER. She is wearing a golden crown and is holding gold scepter. She is commanding the army. Next, I saw K. David wearing a red armor with a gold helmet; he begins to give orders to Jose. These are the scenes I saw. Following, I couldn’t see what happen next. However, I saw everyone is moving forward.

Jessie, China

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