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Paul’s Vision Of Him Seated On A Throne On 12th October 2017


Paul: I just has a vision of myself sitting on my throne in golden robe and garment. Behind me is Sister Shekinaih many size larger watching from behind.

Sometimes, when she turn away and turn back to look at me, I’m no longer seated on my throne but ended up free fall downwards. Then, she in horror with worry and anxiety stretches her large long hand to catch me and I landed on her palm. Then she washes and cleanses me and put on my garments and place me back to my throne again. It’s the same for the rest of us.

Shekinaih: I am praying and cleansing you all always to put you all back to your throne  and says to each of you, “Reign well, guarded your inner man and don't fall off easily, my beloved children, will you?”

Paul: May God give us the energizing grace to do so.

Shekinaih: Ask and it shall be given. Extra abundant Grace imparted to each of you. Reign well this time will you, Warrior Archangels of THE TRINITY?

Paul: Amen. By God’s grace, we will.

Shekinaih: THE TRINITY claps their hands excitedly and give each of you a hug. Very good, says THE TRINITY.

Paul: The picture above (of all of us sitting on the golden heavenly throne in third heaven), is exactly what I saw. It just in different perspective.

Shekinaih: I saw when I blow the horn, greater light enter into your eyes to behold this heavenly vision. Everyone's actual spiritual height and throne is from earth to the 3rd heaven which is the Paradise, in Level 7 of Hell/Heaven, where each of your throne is.

Everyone's actual spiritual height and throne is from earth to the 3rd heaven which is the Paradise in Level 7 of Hell/Heaven, where each of your throne sits. Our throne represented by Shekinaih and David starts from Level 1 of Hell/Heaven up to our respective planets in Level 8 (Aaron K David/Jesus), Level 9 (Shekinaih/Holy Spirit) and Level 10 (Shekinaih/The Father) of Hell/Heaven, says The Trinity. However your relative spiritual size is in the approximate right spiritual proportion to us in our representatives in the above pictures is without dispute, declared The Trinity

Paul, Singapore

Paul’s Vision Of The Wedding Feast

on 6 Oct 2017

Just now during prayers, Jose, James n myself, we started off with songs “Go, Go, Go, I Have Sent You” and “My Counsel Shall Stand”. Then we expounded the lyrics in “My Counsel Shall Stand”. Then moved on to 1Jn 5:18 and James 4:6


The session is very powerful, I felt that as if we are brought up many times to another level. We then prayed for everyone and proclaimed God’s promises and our birth-right as the children of God.


During the prayer, I saw a gold path open out that leads to a castle. It’s a straight path, shrouded with creeping roots etc. As we walk, we praise, dance and give thanks to God.


We reached the castle in a short time. Jesus was at the door receiving us. A wedding feast was held. I saw sister Shekinaih seated at the head of the table with every one of us, each in our own robe. They are rainbow colour robe, and different crowns were given to us.


We ended off singing “Blessed Unlimited” song 10 times for ourselves and for breakthrough and God’s promises for everyone.


Halfway singing, I saw The Father looked down from heaven with a board smile on his face, putting today into his heart.

Paul, Singapore

Rachel’s Dream of Shekinaih

Talking To Her

on 28 Sept 2017

Dear Sister Shekinaih and Bro. Aaron David,

Greetings to you both.

I wanted to write to you however wasn't sure if I should do so. The 24th Sept 2017 afternoon I took nap and in the dream I saw Sis. Shekinaih- You are beautiful and You were continuously talking to me in the dream. You were saying so many things and then woke up. 

I came to know about your ministry from my mother (Watila) and have also purchased the book 'BEHOLD MY MESSENGER 3- BEHOLD MY NAMES'. I've started reading the book. Hope to complete it soon.

I don't know what else to write but quite excited to see Sis. Shekinaih in dream. The Trinity has always spoken to me through dreams. All I can ask for is continuous spiritual grooming for us and prophecies and revelation to be aligned with Abba Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit.

Thank you for your time!


Rachel, Assam, India

Jessie Saw An Angel Affirming 

Rachel’s Dream Concerning Shekinaih

on 2 Oct 2017

A short introduction: Jessie is from China. She is one of our disciple who has a seer’s anointing.

Jessie: When I read the letter (Rachel's letter on her dream of Shekinaih), I saw her knelt in front of Book 3 (Behold My Messenger 3, Behold My Names) and there was a big angel on her back saying, "Come, my child, come to Shekinaih. She is God’s representative. Let her lead you to God”.

I then saw her flying with smile and is full of light and she forget everything in the world.

                                                                                                                        Jessie, China

Patricia Saw Light Coming Out of The Book "Behold My Messenger 3, Behold My Names" on 8 Sept 2017

A short introduction: Patricia just attended CE Global monthly meeting.

Patricia: Before I started to pray to our Lord for about 45 mins to help me to write this note to clear our misunderstanding, I saw a light coming out from between the pages of the book. “Behold my Messenger 3, Behold, My Names.  

I thought that my hand phone accidentally dropped in-between the pages while charging and when I was going to pick it up, when I turned, I saw my hand phone was on the side of my bed!

Really confirmed what you said: “Put the book under our pillow, light will come out.

Thank you & God bless you!!

Patricia, Singapore

Jimmy Felt The Awesome Presence of God As He Beholds The Book “Behold My Messenger 3, Behold My Names  

on 8 Sept 2017

A short introduction: Jimmy is an owner of a car repair workshop. He is a devout Buddhist who daily practice good works to reap good judgment when he die. He sees in the spirit.

Jimmy: When I look at the cover of this book, I feel my heart is enlarge to see things more clearly.  I am convicted that I should zip my mouth when talking to you and not to speak disrespectfully and carelessly before you for I fear God. I must confess, when one look at this book cover, his mind will be fully enlightened and will feel secure and more confidence. This is what I felt.

It’s not easy to read this book. Not everyone can read this book.  Those who want to read this book must be destined to read it.  If they are not destined, they will not be able to read it. Furthermore, those who are able to read this book, it is good to introduce this book to everybody who really need it. It will be a blessing to them.

Shekinaih:  I saw Abba Father, Holy Spirit and Jesus standing next to you clapping their hands cheering you now when you speak these words

Jimmy:  I can feel electricity charging me. I feel my body is numb. It came from you. I am thankful for this visitation. The whole world need to read this book.

Jimmy, Singapore

Linda's Vision Of The Source Of Origin When She Looked At The Book Cover of "BEHOLD MY MESSENGER 3, BEHOLD MY NAMES" on 6 Sept 2017

Introduction: Linda is a beautician by profession. She have many Near Death Experience and is a truth seeker of God. Daily she will sow seed of kindness helping elderly in public places for few hours before starting her works in her shop. She said she is sowing Eternity as she had witness the spiritual. She is fully convicted that Shekinaih has the truth and is excited to read her book.

Below is a transcript of their conversation

Linda: I saw a pair of saturated, great hands. Next, I saw a giant heart which is truthful. The desire is very strong, a very strong thinking, energetic desire.  The thinking power of that desire is even stronger than the sun. I feel that the universe’s center is eternal. You are doing this for Eternity, an eternal endeavor. Congratulations. Very good! I saw your sincerity. Most importantly, you have transformed into the eternal, permanent true self. Wow!  Congratulation. I am very touched! When I saw the photo you sent to me, my first impression of you is, I was touched by your energy field. That true magnetic energy field. You have gathered everything of all things on earth and make them return to the source of origin. Next, from the inner most of the source of origin, you send out the energy field which has been re-organized. This is yours. You really make it. Congratulation.

Could you tell me your thoughts of naming this book?

This book, this book. It comes from you. I received the book from your hands. Since yesterday evening, I have been waiting for it because you said in your message that you will be coming to my shop.

When you asked me whether I would like to have the book? I replied to you immediately, “Yes, of course.” When I first see this book, in fact, the thoughts I have when I saw it in the WhatsApp was already strong enough. But when I saw the physical book, my feeling is; I want to say one sentence: “You truly have locked Eternity. I feel that you have brought the authenticity of all eternity into this book. I can see it. I haven’t read the book. I really have not read the contents of the book yet. But the impression I received from this book is really good.

The creation that is eternal. It creates an eternal, authentic self, which can help you return to your eternal and authentic self. It’s an authentic sincerity and a genuine emptiness. From there, you take over all the good and evil. Then you create things and diffuse them out. Just now what I felt is the same as what you said. It’s real. Very good!

Linda, Singapore

Jessie’s Vision on Judgement of God In The Last Days on 6th Aug, 2017

A short introduction: Jessie is staying in China. She is one of our disciple who has a seer’s anointing.

As I look at the cover page of Book 3 (Behold My Messenger 3, Behold My Names), I saw many angels. I also saw Jesus in the midst of them. I saw ABBA FATHER in the sky, Jesus is in the center. I now truly see a picture of Shekinaih (in Golden Express robe) and in her stomach, is indeed Jesus who is like a baby in her stomach. On top of this Shekinaih’s picture, I saw ABBA FATHER’S head exceedingly huge hovering above this picture. I saw exceeding number of angels closely arrayed in midst in brilliant white light.

Next, I saw K. David holding a commanding sword, leading and giving order to the army of God. I saw the army of God with the horsemen charging in the battle field. I saw Jose (Xu Dong) fully dressed for battle wearing a Superman suit ready to fight. I again saw the vision I saw before, I saw you (Abraham) are standing on a ship commanding the armies who are youth. When K. David send out his command by waving the flag, Jose will blows the horn and the young army with trumpets and spears led by youth like you all, will charge into battle. After that, I saw a bowl from heaven pouring blood on the earth. I also saw a sickle falling down from Heaven. The sickle came down is to kill all the spirits of darkness by cutting off their heads one after another with chopping sound. I heard the shriek and cry of these spirits when they are slain! It looks like the army of God are already in the battle with these spirits of darkness. In the midst of the battle, I saw Shekinaih also ccommanding the army. She was instructing K. David to execute the ABBA FATHER’S decree. She instructs K. David that people in a certain places deserve to be killed, David will lead the army of God to execute the decree. When she instructs him that the people in a certain place deserve to be punished with calamities, K. David will lead the army of God to perform signs and wonders to bring disasters there.

I also saw Shekinaih blowing fire out of her mouth. When she made a trumpet sound with her mouth, fire will come out of her mouth like as if it comes down from heaven. I can hear the trumpet sound that she blows very clearly though I cannot mimic accurately.  I can hear she is blowing the sound, “Hooo     Hooo......Hooo…. Hooo….” Then I heard evil spirits such as black demons and ghosts crying and screaming. I saw the angels of God in silent surrounded with light.  I heard the people in the whole world on their knees sscreaming and crying. This is the same as what I saw in my previous vision. They are bowing down, crying and screaming for God's mercy saying, "Lord, Lord…” I saw a few people wearing white being taken away by the angels as I have saw previously in my previous vision. As for most of the people, like the demons with vicious faces, they are all killed by the angels with swords and saber without mercy.

Next, I saw seven giant demons (THE TRINITY revealed to Shekinaih, that, these are the principalities of the 7 regions) fighting with K. David using swords and knives. I heard Shekinaih blowing the horn to command the army of God to return after the battle was won. David then led the army back. Next, I saw a bulldozer. I then saw a giant hole opened up which look like those bored by drilling machine in oil extraction. It’s very deep. I saw angels use a giant bulldozer to push those carcasses with the carcasses of the seven giant demons into the hole. It is like the center of this Book 3 cover picture’s opens up into an extremely big hole. The carcasses of the seven giant demons are being pushed first into this hole. It is like an earthquake and the ground opened up and a lot of people fell into it with falling sound.  Following that, I saw the hole became deeper and longer like the earthquakes shown in Science Fiction. The hole initially is just darkness, but, soon I saw fire flames below as it opens up layer by layer as it goes deeper and deeper and the hole is opening and closing repeatedly as people fell into it like an octopus opening and closing its mouth repeatedly.

I then heard Shekinaih proclaims “Judgment!” in Mandarin, then again, in English. I also saw K. David proclaim “Judgment” in English. I then saw the hole closed suddenly like a big lid had closed it and the people that fell into this hole cannot come out anymore. I heard the utter dreary cries and screams inside the hole.

Next, I saw all kinds of punishments inside this big hole. In the middle of this giant hole, there is a smelting furnace. I saw some demons use shovels to push some black demons and people into the furnace. They cry and fight back but like it was useless and to no avail. I saw the seven giant demons using dozer pushing the people into the furnace. When people are pushed into the furnace, they disappeared. Some are struggling inside. Their face appearance looks like black skeleton and demons. I really saw blood flowing out. Nonetheless, some people are still alive. Then, I saw a blue laser beaming out from JESUS. Once the blue laser beam passes through their bodies, they become dead. The blue laser beam is scanning inside the furnace. I also saw it becomes a red laser beam. I heard a resolute voice from someone say, “Let them perish! They are not what I want.” The voice is from JESUS. When the laser beam was blue, JESUS was still trying to save some people. However, after the blue laser beam had encircled and scanned one round inside the furnace, it became red beam and I heard JESUS said, “Let them perish! These are not what I want.”

Then, I saw Shekinaih kept the army commanding flag she received from THE ABBA FATHER. I saw she stamped using what looks like an imperial seal on the royal decree and then roll up the decree to keep it.  Then, the laser beam also disappeared.

Next, I saw Shekinaih, JESUS, K. David, Jose, and Abraham starting to celebrate a feast. As they are celebrating, I am serving them like a low ranking soldier. I am serving Shekinaih with wine and helps to massage her shoulder.  Everyone is joyful. It’s a celebration party! Then, I heard Shekinaih spoke three words in Mandarin, “Victory! Victory! Victory!” Next, I saw members of CEG Church proclaim “Victory! Victory! Victory!” in English. I saw Paul, Zechariah, James (Ze Lin) who is also serving people with tea and water, and Sarah carrying her child, seems very happy. I also saw Esther and her two daughters. I saw Jose’s mother sitting behind Jose (Xu Dong). Jose (Xu Dong) seems very happy to be with his mother. I also saw your dad (Abraham’s dad) toast a cup of wine to K. David. I also saw somebody else I know who is also toasting. Everyone was very happy.

Next, I saw Shekinaih open the decree again. It seems that she is announcing and assigning tasks to everyone, who to do what. This is the second judgment. She allocates tasks to every member. Everyone is like a well-trained soldier. They all stood up immediately and knelt down with one knee on the floor like an ancient soldier to accept the decree. They proclaim “Hallelujah”. I then saw myself like a fiery Phoenix again. I am like a transporting officer and begin to ship all the gold, silver and other jewelries and treasures. I saw Jose in charge of commanding the rest to ship all the army's provisions. I am not like him who is a commander but I am in charge of transporting and shipping all the gold and silver and other treasures. I saw you (Abraham) stand on the ship. Everyone begins to carry out their tasks. Next, I saw Shekinaih sit on the golden throne, which is bestowed by the ABBA FATHER. She is wearing a golden crown and is holding gold scepter. She is commanding the army. Next, I saw K. David wearing a red armor with a gold helmet; he begins to give orders to Jose. These are the scenes I saw. Following, I couldn’t see what happen next. However, I saw everyone is moving forward.

Jessie, China

Paul’s Vision of His Stronghold Broken by Shekinaih and Aaron K David

on 29 June 2017


A short introduction: Paul is staying in Singapore. He is one of our disciple who has a seer’s anointing.

Paul: Just now while praying, I saw this vision. I saw Sister Shekinaih and K. David banging a battering ram against my stronghold. Once when the pillar was broken, I saw my spirit flew out. Some remaining broken piece were on the floor. I then saw a giant man, like God, The Father wearing a straw hat brought a big pot of burning matter and pour over it. I saw lava like liquid came out of the pot. I then saw more of my spirit fly out. Then I saw a hand stuffing my spirit inside a light bulb. When it lighted, it gave a yellowish bright light which is very attractive and amazing to look at. Then I saw the hand belongs to Sister Shekinaih and you are smiling.

Sister Shekinaih, just now after you have prayed for my restoration, I saw my armour is upgraded with embroidery on them. Then I saw myself with a spear with full armour standing at the enemy’s gate. After throwing my spear towards the enemy and hitting one of the target, I ran towards the enemy’s gate which was opened and the enemy are already arrayed awaiting for the showdown. When they saw me, they were all amazed and mesmerized by the brilliant light of my armour and were stunned. I ran towards their head and fought with him. At one moment, our sword met and there was a stand still. Suddenly, he pulled out a short knife and stabbed me by the side. To his surprise, I wasn’t hurt but with a surge of energy I swing my sword toward his head and it dismembered and dropped on the floor.

Paul’s Vision of Shekinaih Sitting on The Throne on 24 May 2017

A short introduction: Paul is staying in Singapore. He is one of our disciple who has a seer’s anointing.

Paul: Oh I remember again. When I am praying for restoration, I saw lighting and thunder and the scene of “The Day of The Lord Is At Hand”. I realized The Trinity keep repeating the same thing again and again to me; the lighting and thunder. I saw spiritually our house is on fire...

Shekinaih: Lord I hold Paul at Breakthrough point by 100% purification n restoration for him in Jesus’s name Amen. Done. I saw my giant hand representing THE TRINITY uphold your rocket as it fly.

Paul:  So cute I saw a vision. Your hand is like the giant Buddha’s hand shown in Monkey King TV series.  My rocket is so small and so cute.

You are in heaven seated on the throne but I am seeing from side view. Like the heavenly scene in Monkey king TV series, there are many small island hanging in heaven, like the hanging islands in the movie Avatar.

Jessie’s Vision of The Rapture

on 7 August 2016


A short introduction: Jessie is staying in China. She is one of our disciple who has a seer’s anointing.

Shekinaih: 现在可以讲了吧。

Shekinaih: Now you may speak.


Jessie: After reading the third book, I saw some visions. What I am saw is Shekinaih is judging on behalf of the ABBA FATHER. Some after being people go to Heaven but some go to the hell. People who are standing behind those who are judged immediately understood their fate. Some of these people started to cry and plead with Shekinaih. Shekinaih then looks at the ABBA FATHER as she had compassion to those who will go to hell. Tears keep dropping from Shekinaih’s eyes. After this, she started to judge them based on the Ten Commandments of ABBA FATHER. During the judgment, some go to heaven, some go to hell. Standing beside Shekinaih is Xu Dong (Jose), stamping a seal on the verdict without any expression. After the sealing, these people are taken to their assigned places. There are some who started to argue with Shekinaih, reasoning with her why they cannot enter to heaven. However, some dead beside them obediently walk toward Shekinaih. They were wearing grey clothes. Some are wearing light blue and light gray dress. This is almost the same for every dead person. They look like soul-less being; like criminals, they bow their heads and walk before Shekinaih. They did not speak a word but stand before her to be judged by her. At this moment, Shekinaih looks at the ABBA FATHER and then simply marked a tick (pass) on the book of some and a cross (fail) for others. Xu Dong (Jose) then stamps the seal and these people then disappeared. Most people got “cross” (failed), and they either become a pool of black water or become a small, black demon.

Shekinaih: 耶稣 (Jesus says) 说 This is true.


Jessie: And also very quickly, even as many living people came to plead with Shekinaih, Shekinaih just look at The ABBA FATHER and asked him whether they can be forgiven. Abba father shook his head, and Shekinaih then shed tears and gesture to these people that they cannot go to heaven. Those who make it to the Heaven, Xu Dong stamped them with red, green, blue, or yellow seals. Different people, received seals in different colors. But people who will go to hell have white, black, grey or bloody red seals. The seal which is bloody red, becomes black after it was stamped on the person. I don't understand what that means. Lord, could you explain to me what it means?


It looks like the seals with different colors represent where people will go to (different levels of heavens and hells). The paper is very large. People are sealed on their hands, necks, and even butt. I do not understand the meaning behind. God says there are some people that need to change to holy and purified garments. Angels can’t distinguish earthly colors. They can only base on the location of the seal to know where them that are judged will be allocated. And some people are sealed on their foot. Some people are sealed on the thigh. Many people take off all their clothes to exchange for the Holy garments. Angels only base on the location of those who are sealed to determine the different places they will to be sent, as well as the different types of clothes they are supposed to be given to wear. Just like different hierarchy of people in a palace. Those who receive their sealing on their feet are dressed with the most ordinary type of clothing which signify their ranking.

Shekinaih:That’s right!

Jessie:死去的人都被盖在腰上。他们没有力气。他们走在天使面前是,天使拍打他们的腰,他们就活了起来。他们穿的是灰色,浅灰色的衣服。天使根据他们腰部被盖的印,那些死去的人就有了活力。Shekinaih 只是让徐东在他们在腰上盖了印。只有Shekinaih 能决定那些人被送去哪里。那些死去的人去哪里,就是根据Shekinaih所差遣的天使。他们就像传令兵一样,送那些人去不同的地方。把门的天使, 也是David 命令差遣的。死去的人走的路跟活着的人不一样。

Dead people were sealed at their waists. They have no strength. They walk toward the angels, and as the angels pat their waist, immediately they receive strength. They are all wearing gray or light gray clothes. Angels according to the seals on their waists, those dead people become alive. Shekinaih just let Xu Dong be in charge of sealing on their waists. Only she had the authority to decide where those people will be sent to. The places the dead will be sent  are according to angels sent by Shekinaih. They're like soldiers under command and will send those people to different places that are assigned for them. The guardian of the gates of these places are under the command of David. The dead and the alive will go in different paths.

Shekinaih: Different paths

Jessie:审批是这样的,死人走的这条路,通过的门是David 派遣的一些小天使引领着。活着的人,天使很高兴,很快乐地领他们到他们所属于的层次。死去的人,没有活力,天使待他们很严肃。那些亡灵,需要很长时间才能恢复生气。他们在天国里面跟活着的人生活不一样。不是一个世界。不是我们想象的,死人跟活人都在同一个地方。他们在不同的世界。是吗?

That’s how the judgment will be like: The path of the dead is led by small angels assigned by David. For those who are alive, the angels rejoice and lead them to the levels they belong with great joy. Those who are dead had no strength. Angels treat them strictly. Those dead soul need a long time to be restore as a living being. They and those who are the living live differently. It’s like another world. It is different from what we imagine. The dead and the living are living together in the same place. Both live in different worlds, is that correct?

Shekinaih:Triple confirmed by THE TRINITY standing here. It’s correct.

Jessie: 主啊?我希望我刚刚看的意象是真的。

Jessie: Lord. I hope that the visions I saw are true?

Shekinaih:”It’s correct”, these are the words written on the 3 white board THE TRINITY (THE FATHER, THE HOLY SPIRIT AND JESUS) who are standing beside me are holding now.

Jessie:我今天还想分享一个最大 的意象。我很惊讶,第二本书我没有看。就是亚伯拉罕跟莎拉都很年老的时候,来了三个白衣天使。我就问神,那三个天使是Shekinaih,David 还有徐东吗?神说,是的。我再确认,神说是的。紧接着,我就有了一个意象。

Jessie: Today, I want to share one great vision. I'm very amazed, I have not read the second book. But I saw Abraham and Sarah were old and three angles came to them. I asked God, were those three angels Shekinaih, K David and Xudong (Jose)? God says, Yes. I asked again. God says Yes. Then, I had another vision. 

Shekinaih: 圣夫,圣灵,圣子站在那里说:"这是对的,除了这个部份: 其中的两个天使是同一个人,而不是徐东(Jose):Shekinaih 代表 圣灵(第一个人)在 圣夫(另一个人)里面和 第三个 天使 是 K David , 代表耶稣。”

Shekinaih : The TRINITY stand here says it’s correct except on the part that instead of XuDong (Jose), 2 of the angels are the same person, Shekinaih whose represents the Holy Spirit (1 person) in The Father (another person) and the other 3rd angel is K David represents Jesus. 


Jessie: 我看到摩西在西奈山上拜见神的时候,我看到Shekinaih在摩西的右手边。那时候摩西已经很年迈了,他的右手还拄了拐杖。耶和华的圣火很大。摩西毕竟是人,他听不懂耶和华说的话。Shekinaih作为神的天使在保护摩西不被圣火烧焦。Shekinaih也不说话,站在摩西旁边。通过Shekinaih,摩西才可以听懂神所说的话。摩西之所以呆了那么久,是因为通过Shekinaih神把他的话语,十条戒令传达给了摩西。

Jessie: I saw Moses meeting God at Mount Sinai, and I saw Shekinaih on the right hand side of Moses. At that time, Moses was very old; he had a staff on his right hand. The holy flame of THE YAHWEH was blazing strong. Nevertheless, Moses was just a man and he did not understand what THE YAHWEH spoke to him. Shekinaih as the angel of THE YAHWEH was protecting Moses from being burned by the flame. Shekinaih do not speak at all but was standing beside Moses. It is only through Shekinaih that Moses is able to understand what THE YAHWEH is speaking to him. That’s why Moses spent such a long time on Mount Sinai because it is through Shekinaih as a mediator, the Ten Commandments are convey to him.


第一条,第二条,来回反复地指导。摩西也给神说了很多话,圣经没有记载。我四个小时所看到的一个意象,已经被我录下来了。但是,声音很小。我现在接着这个意象讲。摩西在听右边的一个声音。这个声音很小,然后他就老发问。摩西听懂神所给的十条戒令很困难。他需要不断地听反复确认。主啊,我问你,这个声音是不是通过Shekinaih 的。但是摩西不知道有这回事。摩西听不懂神说的话。神通过Shekinaih把话语传给了摩西。

One Commandment by one Commandment he was instructed repeatedly back and forth. Moses also conversed with THE YAHWEH many things but it was not recorded in the bible. These four hours of vision, I have already recorded it but the recording is very soft. Now I will relate this vision. Moses heard a voice on his right side. This voice was very small, therefore he kept requesting that it be repeated. It’s not an easy task for Moses to understand the Ten Commandments. He needs to listen again and again to double confirm what he heard. Lord, I ask you, did the voice came from Shekinaih? But Moses did not know Shekinaih was there. Moses alone was not able to understand what God spoke to him. Only through Shekinaih, God’s messages and his words were passed to Moses.



This trip to Singapore, it is through the summary and pictures of Book 1 and 2 of Behold, My Messenger Series that I saw many visions. I can confirm that they are from God. And I still have another vision. I asked God, God! Why did you give me see these visions? What was your intention? God then told me that he wanted me to testify and be a witness to speak out the power and authority of Shekinaih and David.


而且,神会大大使用我。我看到我长了翅膀,变成一只很大的火凤凰。Shekinaih就告诉我去哪个城市,找哪个人。我很多年前就看到意象城市里都是黑压压的人。他们都匍匐在地上,但是我能看到穿白衣的人。我能判断神要选谁,Shekinaih 就可以像钓鱼一样把他们带走。

Also, God will use me mightily. I saw I had grew wings, and becomes a big fire Phoenix. Shekinaih would instruct me which city I shall go to, and who to look for?  Many years ago, I have already saw in a vision of the cities full of dark figures. They are all crawling on the ground, but I can see people dressed in white. I can tell which one God will choose whom Shekinaih will fish them out and take away.


God says this way, it would save time. God through this way use me will quickly choose those 144,000. This is because there is not much time left. Whenever someone asked me whether Noah or a friend from China, I can respond quickly. However I rarely had this ability when I am alone. Every time, when I see a vision, after repeated meditation, I saw no change in me. I have seen many times this vision about my last day’s Mission, like a ship forwarding gold, silver and food to Heaven. God let me be a forwarding officer.


(我看到)好多次了。神让我看到Shekinaih一直坐在神的右边,耶和华的右边。他也让我看到书里面的意象,都是正确的。甚至耶稣很多时候都听Shekinaih的话,就像一个 小婴孩,小绵羊一样。我是能看到的。

I saw this vision many times. God let me see the Shekinaih sitting at the right hand side of God, on his right hand of JESUS. He also let me see the visions from the book are correct. Even in many occasions, even Jesus listens to Shekinaih, like a little child, a little sheep. I was able to see it.

Jessie, China

Jessie’s Vision of Shekinaih Sitting on The Golden Throne on 16 May 2016

A short introduction: Jessie is staying in China. She is one of our disciple who has a seer’s anointing.

“You should have released all your burdens a long time ago. There are thousands of angels encouraging you to release your burdens to me. You are supposed to fly with so many angels around you”, Jessie told Abraham, her son, what she just heard Jesus saying to her.

Jessie then continued to relate her vision to her son, “I saw many angels in the sky and a lot money was floating in the air for me to grab. There are Singapore Dollars, Hong Kong Dollars, Renminbi, Korean Won, Indian Rupee, even Bangladesh Taka...

I was flying and taking you so that we can be relieved. I saw your aunt smiling and Jose was smiling as well.

I heard Jose saying to me, ‘Haven't I told you a long time ago? You just didn't listen!’

I saw David playing music and Shekinaih was nodding and smiling as well.

I saw Shekinaih giving me a crown and I was wearing a white gown. She brought me to Jesus and said: ‘Jesus, this is a child of God. I give her now to you because she is pure. She has let go of everything. I now return her to you.’

I heard Shekinaih saying to me, ‘Your destiny is going to be fulfilled soon. At the same time, I shall give Abraham to you as well but I need to train him more to make you, his mother, proud of him.’

Then I saw you turned into a bride wearing white walking toward a gate made of gems. As Shekinaih made a trumpet sound with her voice, I saw you being blew into the gate. I was already inside the gate and I looked like a phoenix. I also saw Jose. He was dressed like a warrior leading many more brides walking towards the gate.

After Shekinaih brought you in, she then sat on her throne which is behind Jesus' Throne on his right. Seated like an Empress, she was looking at all the brides wearing white who were entering the gate.

I saw David leading many worshippers singing and praising God. I can’t understand what they were singing. He was leading some strange creatures to sing. They were all covered with gold. I saw them all facing a big emerald throne. I saw that they were like ancient warriors carrying staffs. David was waving a staff conducting the heavenly choirs. The whole heavenly scene looked like a king inspecting his troops in a grand ceremony.

There were brides everywhere wearing holy garments. The path they were treading on were paved with gems.

I was seated at the left of Jesus at the top of the triangular formation of the brides. Shekinaih was seated on the right of Jesus but on a higher plane.

I then heard THE FATHER said to me, ‘You are the first among the ten thousand.’

Initially, I was wearing white but now I’m wearing fiery red bridal gown and my crown was shining brightly. I then shouted ‘Hallelujah! Hallelujah!’

I then led some angels and we started to dance for Jesus who was wearing a red gown.

All the people who were present were watching me as I danced difficult moves. Jesus was blowing His breath toward a certain spot as I was dancing. Wherever He blew His breath toward that spot, I danced towards that place.

Then, I saw THE FATHER. He was seated on His throne on the highest plane. As I looked upward from where I was, I saw Jesus seated on His throne on a plane lower than Shekinaih’s throne which was lower than THE FATHER’S throne.

THE FATHER was reclining on His throne and His face was very big and His hairs were very white. I can’t see the shape of his face but it was very big. Like a hologram, He hovers above everyone and looked at everyone.

Then, I heard Him said, ‘These are all my children. I thank you Jesus for you have done it. You are my proudest who honors me the most. Your duty is fulfilled. I will bring these people into my kingdom to let them live for 1,000 years on the planet. This is my kingdom and my place. You are all the undying spirits which will live forever.’

Then I heard THE FATHER roared. As He roared, the place was filled with holy fire and everybody was speaking in tongues.

Jessie’s Vision of The Heavenly Building on 12 May 2015

A short introduction: Jessie is staying in China. She is one of our disciple who has a seer’s anointing. This is a conversation between Jessie and her son Abraham which was recorded in Chinese and translated.

Jessie says to her son Abraham, “When we were at The Peak in Hong Kong, God gave me the revelation of the temple of God which you will build. The temple is like a building. The building has three floors. The top of the building has a staff like a staff on a pagoda. The staff is full of light; like the rod of Moses which was full of authority. It emanated light everywhere and when the light shines, it shines on a lot of people on earth. It seems to be upon everyone on earth. Everyone on earth was looking up to the light. This is what I see. The light reflected vertically down such that the whole temple is full of light. I can’t really describe it well. But anyways, except the top of the temple, the rest is like a Chinese pagoda. The first level is very short, the second level is very tall and the third level is a little shorter. It is very solid, sturdy, heavy and firm. It seems indestructible. The Lord says to me, ‘This temple is what I’ll ask Abraham to build.’

Now I see another vision which I’ve not seen while we were on the peak. I saw you wearing a red garb standing on level one of the temple. The staff on top of the temple has been converted into a sword and was put into your hand. I’ve never seen you in a black garb with red shirt inside. You were holding that sword as if going to war. Anyway it is like you standing on the roof, taking a sharp sword to command something.

Now I see Shekinaih sitting inside the temple again like an Empress sitting on a golden chariot. There are two wings on her. There were a lot of people pressing to enter the building. I noticed the building rising up in the cloud. Now I see the building in the sky surrounded by many clouds. I saw people beneath were in pain. They were crying and shouting seeming to be begging for something.

There were very few people in the building. They are all wearing white. The winds are blowing on the golden building. I saw the curtains in the building are swinging because of the strong wind. I see so many people in black below shouting and crying. I heard them saying, ‘Lord! Have mercy on us! Or ‘So Jesus is real, I didn’t know!’ Then I saw fire burning in many places… anyway, it seems like there were many catastrophes below. As I said fire just now, the word ‘Sulfur’ came into my mind.

I see an ugly and hideous face that looks like the head of a snake. I saw the word ‘Satan’ in my mind. He was twisting his enormous body but had a small and thin tail. He looked like he was coiling up on the earth in pain and was pressing many people with his body. Many people are pointing their finger at the snake cursing Satan. I think I’m seeing the Book of Revelation unveils. I am not well versed with what is written in that book. But anyway, it was very dark and in a far place half way on a mountain, I see a woman coiled around by a snake seeming to give birth. She was in pain. I heard terrible howling and wailing sounds.

The pagoda is now further and further away and now I couldn’t see it anymore. You have also become very small and I can’t see you anymore. I saw blood flowing like a river on earth and innumerable people are dead. I saw the earth opened widely and was filled with black water. The black water like the wave of the sea flushes the people down into the deep crack. I heard God says, ‘Hell’.  Everyone was dropping in and I see Satan laughing, ‘Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha... I can’t figure out how he sounds like but he was very hideous. Then as he shake his head, the water became more turbulent and flushes the people down violently.

Now I see the enormous black python whose face is hideous looking like a snakehead fish going down into the deep crack as well. As he went in, the crack closed. After that, I saw lightning in a great place and as it flashes, I can see a building becoming bigger and is descending. In the beginning, the building was very small beyond my sight but now is becoming bigger and bigger, even the light surrounding it.  I saw people inside the building dancing and I heard music. There are people with trombones and also other strange instruments which I have never seen before. The trombones are very long and it gives a sound that can shakes the mountain and sky. It is so long... Then God gave me the word: ‘Jerusalem’.

As the building hovers down, it landed on the seashore. I saw the sea is very blue. The place is very serene. The land is filled with grass and people in white robes came out. They are very happy and they carried a throne with Shekinaih seated on it.  Then I saw saints like Abraham, Moses, Israel… K. David also walked out of the building. Jose followed behind. David and Jose are in human form but Shekinaih is like an angel with wings. You (Abraham) and I also came out as well. I was wearing a long robe. Only Shekinaih is different from all of us and she is seated on a throne. Then, I saw The Father in the sky who was super big. He is very happy and His face is huge. But I can’t see him clearly. I just see His features with brows and the eyes. He looks very benign and kind. He then says, ‘This is what my children should be. This is my kingdom and this is what I like and want my children to be. You stay here and live for a 1000 years’. Then He disappeared. I then see Jesus wearing white and barefooted walking from afar like a man. After everyone bow down to him, David, Jose, you, me and everyone came near to Him. Only Shekinaih is still sitting on her throne and she never spoke a word. Then I heard Jesus says to us, ‘Your destiny is fulfilled.’ Then Jesus walk towards Shekinaih and hug her. As he hugged her, her wings disappeared and she became a human being. And everyone come and hugged her. I also heard the sound of seagulls. We are like normal human being living normal lives. I saw elephants and there are dinosaurs in far places. Anyway, it’s like a big zoo or garden surrounded by nature. The animals and humans are friendly toward each other. The animals stay far away from us. They live separately from us. Then Jesus flew away. Everyone take this as normal as everyone can fly freely if they want to. I saw many kids flying as well.


Then I heard the black snake Satan lying deep under the Earth howling and powerless. There are super thick chains binding him. Now I see a long and endless river in Hell fill with liquid like liquid steel. The people who are now spirits are in them. Half of their body are sink in that river. Their upper bodies are struggling to get free. Their bodies are very thin and small like black shadows of a paper man. They don’t look like human but are like thin shadow. Some of them have their feet inside. If they tried to escape, Satan just need to look or sigh and they will fall back into the river. But whenever they can, they will try to escape again but will fail to get out of the river. It is a futile endless endeavor. Then I see the word ‘Sulfur’ again. This river is endless. All the people are inside and there are some babies as well. There are babies inside like black shadows but their faces are still round. I heard a voice saying that these are those who were killed by abortion. They have no souls and they looked inert and tranquil. They still have flesh and their faces are white but the adults have no flesh.

I saw a woman who gave birth to a child were half way up the mountain raising the child up. A white creature carried the child up away and she dropped and rolled from that place down to the place in front of Satan. Satan says to her: “It is all your fault. I’ve also received punishments. But I will still win one day!’ He never gives up. He says, ‘One day, I will be free of the chain’. I then saw beside the chains, the word ‘1000’.

Now I see the spirits struggling in the river and on the sides, there are liquid fires flowing into the river. As they tried to struggle with their hands or etc., the liquid fires came and burn them. Satan is not inside the fire, and he watch the scene happily. I indeed see your grandma not inside the fire. She is stuck half way up the mountain.

On the other side, everyone is happy and I saw them going into the garden picking red fruits bigger than cherry but smaller than hawthorn. I’ve never seen this type of red; it’s very beautiful. I heard children giggling and conversing. I can’t tell who is their father or mother. I also saw a scene that JESUS will sometimes join us to barbeque fish. But there is no fire as he barbequed it.

There is a pristine river and people drink from it using leaves. The appliances are advanced and the computers are futuristic where you just need to lift a lever and you can see the history of humanity in the past who have not believed God despite His many efforts. Every time they watched it, in gratefulness, they kneeled down to thank God and sing praises to God with trumpets and dance with great joy.

Now I see JESUS walking towards me sitting beside a pond with trees nearby. He says, ‘My child, do you like it? This is the life I want you to live. Do you believe now? I Immediately, I shed tear and Jose was giggling far away. He was happy knowing that I had finally realized it. JESUS then says, ‘I have always wanted to take you here but whatever you do, you must be obedient to the will of THE FATHER’.

Far away, there is a setting sun with a rainbow. JESUS says to me, ‘Look, this is the covenant between you and me. I’ll take you to my kingdom to let you live happily without disease and war. This is my New Eden. This is my kingdom. But in the past, people don’t know about it, they don’t believe’. I saw JESUS wept as he speak, ‘I had a tough walk as well but I did according to the will of The Father. Shekinaih is the same, it was tough for her but she did it as well; also David and Jose’. He patted on them and then left.

Hell looks the same with all the fire but the other side at the kingdom of God is happiness. The building you build was there. I can’t really describe the building well.

I saw the number “1,000” and then the place that contained Satan was opened and the python Satan broke free of the chains and jumped out of the crevice. I saw the opening of the pit closed again and the souls in the bottomless pit remain locked up there.

I saw Satan stood with his big belly like a standing python. He shouted loudly: ‘Alpha and Omega! Do you still want to spar with me? I tell you that I cannot be defeated because I’m made by you. Let all the people be tormented forever!’

Then I saw THE FATHER appeared in the sky and blew fire and it shattered the devil. The bits of its flesh flew everywhere. Although the flesh of Satan was gone, his broken and dejected spirit was still lingering near the border of Hell. He could still control the people in Hell.

Then I saw THE FATHER put Shekinaih on the throne again. She was carrying a staff on her hand and THE FATHER said to her, ‘I will commence the last judgment.’

David was at the right hand of Shekinaih wearing smartly in white like a scribe. Jose was at her left wearing a white wig like a lawyer. Shekinaih never spoke a word. She was holding a scepter like the scepter of a king and wearing the tiara of an empress.

The black spirits in hell came one by one and kneeled before her. Shekinaih never spoke a word and David was writing something on a book. As she pointed her scepter towards the black spirits, some became white and flew away. Some became a puddle of water.

David was simultaneously writing on a book about those that became white. Shekinaih was pointing and commanding with the scepter and Jose was busy counting the numbers. Whenever Shekinaih used the scepter to point at the spirits, it seemed like the decision is final. I saw Jose slamming his gavel concluding the trial as he records it.

I saw these words: 3 days and 3 nights; 7x7=49 days; and 999.

(Interpreted by David, 3 days and 3 nights refers to those who are beheaded in Revelation 11, 7x7= 49 refers to wandering souls, 999 refers to innumerable souls)

There were murderers, rapists, teenagers, offenders, thieves, arsonists, evil judges, pastors, teachers, and etc. For those unrighteous and lawless pastors, as Shekinaih wielded her sword in her hand to swirl the spirit, the spirit of the pastor was shattered into nothingness.

Every spirit who committed different crimes came and David seemed to be recording their crimes. As Shekinaih pointed her scepter, the spirit will go to the place they were allotted. I saw David drawing boxes and recording where they went. The boxes were like cages, a man here and another man there…

Satan was agitated as he witnessed the judgment. He had a black hideous face and was bodiless. He had become powerless. For every judgment passed, he desires to interfere but to no avail because he had no more power.

Then I saw Shekinaih judged the spirits that were floating in the air. They were not in our temple nor in Hell, and their numbers were numerous. As she waved her scepter, the spirit was dragged over like a puppet. They were scared as well and didn’t know where to go. David drew another box on top of the previous one and as Shekinaih pointed at them, the spirit became very small and went inside the box which David drew.

They were judged one by one. Then I saw the word “108”, then it became 1008, then 10008, then 100008 and the pattern continues as the judgment continues. I don’t know what this means. Anyways, when Shekinaih’s scepter moved, one spirit will come after another after being judged, David will put it into a box and the spirit will disappear before THE GREAT WHITE THRONE.

On the side of the Kingdom of Heaven, I heard Jesus saying to us, ‘It is over, from the beginning to the last, it is finished.’

We then asked him, “What will happen after this 1,000 years?”

Jesus then replied, ‘I don’t know. From the beginning till the end, I don’t know. Only THE FATHER knows. It’s over. I think I should go back to THE FATHER. What about you? Do you follow me or not? I don’t know. You are free to decide.’

Satan also said that it was going to be over. His spirit was gone and became a tiny little ball and David put his spirit into the box in his book at the lowest, most insignificant, and smallest place.

THE FATHER also left. The fire in Hell continued to burn but all the spirits were gone. There were still many white floating spirits who were alive. When Shekinaih pointed her scepter, some of them were allotted to be among us. Other just flew into the boxes that David drew.

The people among us could fly. They played and danced and worshipped in glorious halls. They also used computers and etc.… it’s like we are living in a fantasy world.


Then I saw many planets moving in the expanse. Many of them had lights.

I saw the enormous head of THE FATHER controlling them. I heard him said, ‘I’m the beginning and the last.’

Everything is under the control of THE FATHER. The planets were in the black space and I also saw the Milky Way and comets. THE FATHER was in the background of the expanse.

I saw the Temple of God. The building is heavy on earth but light in the sky.

Jesus then said to me, ‘This is made of a heavenly material. When the time comes, I will put the sketches and plans into your son Abraham’s head. Every nail and hole will I enlighten him. They can’t be slanted or out of place. This is the temple that the saints of old (like David, Abraham and etc.) did not complete. Now I hand this to Abraham, your son, to design and build to bring my beloved children to follow me.’

Excitedly I ask him, ‘Lord, when will the time be for him to build it?’

Jesus said to me, ‘Maybe many years later, I don’t know, only THE FATHER knows. I will give revelation to him when the time comes but he need to prepare for this temple.’

I asked Jesus, ‘Is Hell really like this?’

Jesus replies, ‘Yes.’

I said to Him, ‘Where will we go after the 1,000 years?’

Jesus replied, ‘I don’t know, give everything to THE FATHER to handle.’

I said to Him, ‘Is it true that all those who were dead will be resurrected then?’

Jesus replied, ‘That depends on my kingdom and how pure their hearts are. I will choose some.’

I then asked, ‘Lord, when the building is built, we will be very old by then, how can we follow you?’

Jesus then said to me, ‘All of you are young brides. You will follow me. You will be strong like bulls in their prime.’

I then asked him, ‘Is there anything else you want to say to me?’

Jesus then replied, ‘You must trust me. You must believe me. I’ll give you everything. Trust me for there are very few who will really trust me to see the Kingdom. So, you must trust me. The purpose of this vision is to tell my children to have faith in my Kingdom because there are so few who made it into my Kingdom. For those who are chosen, they are very precious to me as I am to THE FATHER. Jessie, you are a very kind woman. You are pure and innocent. You are just like a little girl. I trust you, but first you must trust me.’”

Jessie, China

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